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We learned the fate of some of the women who had affairs with Don Draper.

Rachel Menken (season 1)

Rachel sleeps with Don


died of cancer (season 7)

Rachel last shot

as well as did Betty (season 7), who divorced Don (season 4) and had a one-night affair (season 6) during the visit to Bobby at summer camp.

Betty and Don last time

Midge Daniels rolled in the hay with Don (season 1),

Midge Daniels

but probably died of a heroin overdose (season 4).

midge heroin

But what about the rest of the other women who slept with Don?  Does Don ever cross paths again with some of his former lovers and what do you think happened to them?  In a multi-part installment of “Mad Men:  What Happened to Don Draper’s Lovers?” let’s consider what happened to some of those women who survived(?) affairs with Donald Draper.

What happened to Bobbie Barrett?

Bobbie drives drunk with Don

Bobbie Barrett is the wife and manager of Jimmy Barrett, who Sterling Cooper hires for the Utz Potato Chip account.  They begin their affair with a drunken drive to the beach, but Don crashes the car and has to call Peggy to bail him out.  Don ends the affair when he learns from Bobbie that she and Don’s other lovers have been discussing his prowess as a lover, but not before Jimmy Barrett tells Betty about the affair, which Don denies.

Does Don ever run into Bobbie Barrett again or is she still tied to that headboard in the Roosevelt Hotel?

Bobbie tied to bed don leaves

Ok, Basketcases….discuss among yourselves!



  9 Responses to “Mad Men: What Happened? Don Draper’s Lovers (part 1)”

  1. Bobbie continued to manage Jimmy’s career, so successfully, in fact, that Jimmy’s ego inflated to the point where he decided he could do without her, divorcing her to marry a hot young actress. Fortunately for Bobbie, she had already begun representing and managing other performers. By the early 1970’s she had become so successful as an independent agent that one of the biggest Hollywood agencies hired her. By the end of the ’70’s she had become one of the most powerful behind-the-scenes women in Hollywood, guiding the careers of a large slate of actors, from big stars to bit players,

    At one point she’s even the manager of Meagan Calvet, though neither ever knows about the other’s history with Don Draper. Don certainly never told Meagan about Bobbie, while Bobbie is far too busy to waste time investigating Meagan’s past.

    • Nice touch, Melville!

      Yes, Bobbie would be “far too busy to waste time investigating Meagan’s past,” but the real question is whether Bobbie still talks about Don Draper’s sexual prowess as a member of the “Don Draper former lovers club”?

      • I expect Bobbie will occasionally liven up a dull Hollywood party with the story. When the talk turns to who the best lover in Hollywood is, she’ll give a knowing smile and tell them that no man out there compares to someone she knew back in New York.

        No names, of course. She’s learned her lesson about that.

        • I totally agree with your vision of Bobbie’s future. I can see Megan eventually figuring out the mystery man based on some of the details. I could also see Harry and Bobbie crossing paths at one party or another.

  2. Jim Hobart calls Don in to head up creative for a big new account. Eventually Don travels to sunny SoCal for the big pitch, which is spectacular, because – Don Draper!

    A creature of habit (and quality) Don has Meredith book him into the ________, the same 5-star Hotel he and Pete booked in 1962 for the Aerospace Convention. He’s celebrating in the lounge with Peggy and Stan (new rock on her ring finger, plain gold band on his).

    Peggy glows with excitement partly over their successful pitch but mostly because – Stan Rizzo! Stan’s unruly growth is now handsomely trimmed and he has a fresh 1971 haircut to go with his broad tie and lapels.

    Don looks over at an oddly familiar woman, alone, nursing a drink. He gives in to an impulse (because – Don Draper!), excuses himself, and saunters over. On the way, he remembers. It’s Joy, no longer a lovely, fashionably-dressed, well-coifed 22 but now a ravishing, fashionably-dressed, well-coifed 31. She has a bigger rock on her ring finger.

    With his best smile he says,

    “Joy, you may not remember me, I’m Don Draper from Palm Springs. Let me buy you a drink.”

    (at this point, no more dialog, let Matt and his real writers punch this up)

    Joy smiles ravishingly and accepts. Don sits down, quickly establishes that Joy is alone, and her hubby is “not possessive”.
    (lucky man because – Don Draper!)

    Joy let’s on that she will meet friends for dinner and has no date. Could Don accommodate?

    (in the distance he catches a broad grin and a wink from Stan)

    Well stuffed expense account and travel budget in hand, his very loyal friend, a recent VP at LearJet, has provided a jet only a phone call and mere hours away.

    The future looks very good for Don.

  3. Bobbie Barrett was the last straw for Betty Draper. She was the last “cheat” Betty finally confronted Don. “How could you…with that woman…she’s so old” –

    Bobbie and Jimmy stuck it out for the sake of the MONEY. Their careers were no good without the other so they forged ahead. Las Vegas turned out to be the money pit they both could not say no to. Unfortunately for Bobbie there was no ocean and Jimmy was thrilled just to be himself in a packed house every night.

    Money but no class was good enough for them.

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