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What happened to Glen Bishop?


Does Glen Bishop actually go to Vietnam as a soldier or does he head north for Canada instead?

Glen to Canada

If Glen ends up in Vietnam, does he see combat?  Does he survive the war, and if so, does Glen ever return to New York?

Glen before Nam

How does Glen react when he learns about Betty’s death from lung cancer?

Glen kisses Betty

Do Glen and Sally reconnect as childhood friends or something more?

Glen Sally museum

Does Glen become a hair stylist?

Glen asks for bettys hair

Does Glen become a football player?

Glen football

Does Glen Bishop eventually end up operating a Christmas tree lot?

Glen xmas tree lot


Ok, Basket cases…..discuss among yourselves!


  12 Responses to “Mad Men: What Happened?”

  1. Glen Bishop returns a decorated war hero. He is a silent individual about the protest scene and shows traditional values back home in Ossining. The adjustment to the Woodstock generation makes him withdraw. However, he uses the feelings to write. He is published. Glen Bishop chronicles his childhood of divorce and reveals his observations of adult hypocrisy. Through this storytelling the subject of obsession and attraction of a beautiful blonde “mother” emerges. Don is amused. Sally is grossed out.

  2. First, let me say that an eight year old boy having a crush on a Mom type person is not all that unusual. Betty’s response was disturbing to say the least. Now having gotten that out of the way; Glenn is inducted into the U.S. Army, but he does not go to Vietnam. He is stationed on a base in the south where he sees a whole different type of life than he has ever seen before. He serves his 3 years, is discharged and goes to college to learn about history, and sociology, and most importantly, how to write. He goes on a rambling cross country, cross continental journey. He writes for a few newspapers, has a couple of articles in not so top tier magazines and then writes a book. A very well received book full of the lifestyle of an upperclass dissolutioned child of the 60’s. He hits the book tours, again well received , and the talk shows. He runs into Sally, now a director of a real estate company in NYC. They date but it doesn’t take, and they part friends. He finds a supportive intelligent woman and while they do not marry or have children, they become partners in the best sense of the word. He continues to publish articles on the current state of affairs, this is the mid 80’s to mid 90’s, and is a noted social critic. He fades quietly away in the public eye but is often a college instructor who prods his students into deeper thoughts about society and how the current state is an evolution of the past. He is calm, thoughtful and still occasionally remembers Betty.

    • Hi Donna,
      In your version of what happens to Glenn do we learn how he thinks about Betty and his and her feelings toward him. I am curious how he constructs the past in his adult mind. Does he think Betty crossed an emotional boundary with him as a youngster?

      • Also, why real estate for Sally? LOL, I could see her as a young Dr. Edna. She showed a very loving, mature instinct toward her brothers and Henry, plus Don. To me Sally is a big feeling soul. I think she would be a wonderful therapist.

      • He writes about it in his 30’s, he realizes she was bordering on totally inappropriate behavior, but is not traumatized about it. In his life and travels he sees there are many behaviors and many ways of life and he is OK with what he has experiences. Just another episode in a life full of experiences. As for Sally, I should have been more specific. She is in commercial real estate . Why? Money. This is one of the few careers in the late 70’s and 80’s where women could make money. Why does she need money? Beyond the obvious, she has to make her own money. Betty didn’t leave anything to her kids when she died and, as Betty noted earlier, Don is terrible with money. He sends money to his brother in law for the kids, but doesn’t understand or realize what all they need. He will pay college tuition but doesn’t realize how much his kids need for clothes, spending money, etc. So when Sally graduates she realizes she is going to have to help her little brothers, and she does. Later in life, somewhat like her mother, she goes back to school and does get her PhD, a second act so to speak.

  3. Since Glen went into the army to please his stepfather, I think one of the worst fates for him wouldn’t be death or injury, but to spend his entire tour in or around Saigon on different bases in the rear, and never seeing anything close to combat. He won’t have grand stories of battle to tell his stepfather.

    Glen and Sally stayed in touch, but they never had a serious romantic relationship. I can see Glen becoming a guidance counselor. The cool kind that teenagers almost respect, and is asked to supervise the dances.

  4. I wonder if Sally has an attachment issue as an adult. Maybe Glen stays in touch trying to win her over but she has the cool Hofstadt blood in her and the Draper detachment DNA so no guy ever gets too close. However, maybe she keeps close to Don. I see her living in the city. Wearing Gloria Vanderbilt jeans, big hair, and the disco scene.
    From being in and out of the office perhaps Peggy is someone she gets to know. I bet she wonders if there was ever a thing between Don and Peggy. LOL bet she totally convinced Joan took a ride on the human carousel.

    • I can’t imagine that she wouldn’t have attachment issues. Her early life was all about her father being there and then….not. Her mother was there but really wasn’t . I was frankly surprised she was able to bond so well with her brothers.

      • My guess is that she wanted to give them the love she didn’t have and the love she didn’t think they were getting from thier parents.

    • I am 100% sure Sally flirted her way into Studio 54 on a regular basis. She’s a dangerous combination of Betty’s looks and Don’s charm/cunning.

  5. Instead of a teary phone call, I wanted Sally and Glenn to have a real goodbye scene- Sally to apologize for her initial reaction and for Glenn to acknowledge that he understands why. They write to each other during his tour. He comes back, older, maybe wiser and certainly disillusioned. He picked up a drug habit while in service and it takes a few years for him to kick it. He goes down some dark alleys, eventually goes back to school. Don’t know if he becomes a writer, but he will succeed at something that requires introspection. He and Sally remain in touch, and are quite close. The try to have a relationship but realize very quickly that they share a much deeper bond. There are times when they show up on each other’s doorstep in tears etc and know that the other will help them recover. Both have attachment / relationship issues. Sally marries, but is miserable and eventually divorces, without children. Glenn goes through a series of young, dumb and pretty women who leave him bored. He eventually meets an older woman who he connects with and is finally able to have an adult relationship. They never marry, but are significant others. Sally remains single, and remains as the “other woman” in Glenn’s life. Glenn’s SO understands, and loves Sally instead of resenting her. On the professional side, Sally will be successful at whatever she does.

  6. This is an awesome summary. As I was reading it I could visualize the bits, scene by scene. Do you think Sally could have her Dad’s flare for advertizing? She would be so cool around him. Draper, Olson, and Draper!

    I miss them so.

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