Mad Men: What Happened?

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Aug 092016

What happened to Meredith?


When Roger fires Meredith she says she always lands on her feet.

Meredith Don 1

Does Meredith return to McCann as Don’s secretary when he comes back to create the Coke commercial?

meredith don shaving

Does Meredith end up as an interior designer after she offered to decorate Don’s  new apartment?

Meredith decorates don aptmeredith dons decorater


Does Meredith become an air traffic controller at Laguardia Airport ?

meredith airplane

Or, maybe Meredith becomes a translator at the U.N.?

Meredith pig latin


OK Basket cases…….. discuss among yourselves!


  3 Responses to “Mad Men: What Happened?”

  1. Oh Miss Meredith, I had you pegged so wrong. You are not a ditsy air head, addicted to wearing clothes better suited to a 12 year old. You are an artful dogger who can land on her feet. What I thought was a combination of total lack of awareness and limited outlook was actually a way of trying on various roles/personalities. But here is what the rest of your life will turn out to be like. You will not stay in advertising, but you will expand into interior decoration not necessarily starting your own business but by being the best assistant, ever. You will meet a guy, a cute guy, who appreciates your energy and drive and your fearlessness in life. And you will be a wonderful mother, one of the best PTA moms ever. When your children are in high school, you will go back to college and acquire the letters to put behind your name so you can be a decorator. All the while your husband a kind and decent guy will come to appreciate your organizational skills, your total support of your family, your energy, even more than he did when he first fell in love with you. Because you grew up moving around the world, you will encourage him to change career directions and go anywhere the jobs lead, no problem. Your time in New York will be a fond memory where you learned a lot and occasionally wonder what happened to everyone you worked with, but that book is shut, and you get up and move into your real life. You are happy.

  2. Nice thoughts, Donna. Yes, Meredith really did move from a one-note character to a savvy assistant in her time at Sterling Cooper.

    If she does get a job with a decorator, wouldn’t it be fun if her next boss were LGBT? Naive Meredith could become yet more sophisticated ahead of the average American.

    I agree that she does not seem like the kind who will spend her life in Manhattan. And yes, she should become a mom. Just think of all the amazing hairstyles she could create for her kids.

    Still, there’s a strong implication at the end of the show that Don hot-footed it back to NYC to make that Coke ad. Could he pull her back in, or will she already have taken flight?

    Probably the latter, in which case he will just break in a “new girl.” Might be a good thing to bring one from the new agency into his circle. Now that Pete’s gone, that nice lady who was played by Matt’s real-life wife would be perfect.

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