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We now turn our attention to Megan Calvet Draper……

Megan Don divorce 7-09

What happens to Megan after her divorce from Don is final and she leaves with the million dollar check Don gives her?

million dollar check 207e09

Does Megan ever become a successful actress in Los Angeles or does she remain a wealthy yet bitter woman living in Laurel Canyon forever angry and blaming Don for stealing her youth and ruining her career?

Megan on deck

Does Megan still hang out with her acting class friends, especially Amy?

Megan and Amy

Do Megan and Don ever cross paths again…..under different circumstances?

Megan and Don future

Megan Don future 2


Does Megan accept Marie’s marriage to Roger, her new father-in-law, or does she remain loyal to her divorced father, Emile?

Megan Emile

Does Megan end up as a hand model on QVC?

Megan hand model pix

OK, Basket cases….discuss among yourselves!



  4 Responses to “Mad Men: What Happened?”

  1. So many different arcs of possibilities. I could see her continuing to seek out acting possibilities with not so great results, age being one of the barriers to her success. Becoming increasingly sadder with her lack of success, doing small plays in smaller parts. Very Margorie Morningstar or perhaps finding a sense of purpose in working with animals(?), or something “worthwhile”. And although she will never find the excitement and romance, along with the bitter disillusionment, she had with Don, she will find another husband, maybe several. She will not have children. She will remain in touch with her mother and stepfather although it will be somewhat distant. She will also have an uneven relationship with her father, blaming him in a dark corner of her mind for reviving her childhood dreams of being an actress, and thus leading her to her present state. I don’t see her being happy or even attaining a sense of balance. I think she will ultimately being one of the destroyed people floating in the wake of Dons tornado of a life. And the money will run out sooner rather than later.

  2. I think Megan’s a pretty toxic person in her own right. Whether it’s her family or her friends on both sides of the continent or her agent or even Don, Megan has these expectations that everyone is supposed to treat her like a movie star in regular interactions. If things go slightly wrong or she doesn’t get as much admiration as she was counting on, she falls apart or hurls blame. What’s more unlike a lot of the other Mad Men characters, I never even got the impression that Megan was realizing that she has these character flaws that need work. She seemed all the more increasingly determined to not take responsibility for anything in life. I think her outcome looks grim. I don’t think she learned anything on how to get ahead as an actress or how to have a good relationship. And I don’t think she’s a Jane Sterling who’ll have some amicable “show up at my ex husband’s mother’s funeral” goodness to her. Her whole relationship with Don was about her fishing for money and opportunities anyway.

    • I agree completely Jag-u-ar. I always found Megan very entitled; she expects everything to just fall into her lap and she rarely takes responsibility for anything. Given how badly Megan copes with criticism or rejection, I find it strange that she wants to be in a business that is all about rejection (after rejection after rejection). I guess it just goes to show how lacking in self-awareness she is. I think that she’s likely to marry someone in the film business like a director, who will cast her in one or more of his films (much like Don used his influence to cast Megan in the Butler commercial) but she won’t achieve any lasting success out of it. Megan will probably blame her husband for her lack of success while he in turn, will tire of being responsible for her career and the marriage will fall apart.

  3. With the release of “Love Story” in late 1970, the entitled (remember she does have a lazy million in the bank) Megan Calvet’s career takes off as producers and directors are all looking for the ‘next’ Ali McGraw. Her agent has the phone running off the hook, but Megan is despondent. With some coaxing and that ‘blue dress’, she is cast in Pakula’s film ‘Klute’; much to the chagrin of Alan (Pakula is fighting for Fonda who is still persona no grata, Vietnam protesting etc) and Warner Bros insist on the untried Calvet. The production is a disaster. Calvert ably plays the model/prostitute, however, her sense of entitlement underpins her performance which infuriates Pakula. Don Sutherland continually walks off the set as their chemistry is toxic. Her career is over before it starts. By 1974 Bob Evans, emotionally distraught over McGraw dumping him for McQueen, hooks up with Megan. She accepts her place in Hollywood (not unlike her new partner – see the doco ‘The Kid Stays In The Picture”)

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