Basket of News, July 22, 2016

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Jul 222016

The Amazon series All or Nothing, narrated by Jon Hamm, has been renewed for a second season.

Don Draper is featured in this listicle about Archer.

Jon Hamm’s latest film, High Wire Act, has wrapped shooting in Morocco.

Here’s several stories about Jon Hamm and the Absolutely Fabulous movie premiere in NYC:

Here’s a “TV history” article on Mad Men premiering 9 years ago.

And here’s the Mad Men cast – then and now.

The world’s hardest Mad Men quiz.

Jonathan Igla goes from writing Mad Men to figure skating.

If you are in St. Louis in November – watch Jon Hamm interview Joe Buck.

In Walking Dead news, Season 7 promos still tease who will live and who will die—now in more detail.

Greg Nicotero says the Season 7 premiere will be “brutal”.

Robert Kirkman originally gave Negan a Ferengi name.

You can pretend to be Negan’s Walking Dead victim at Comic Con.

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  1. That article about the cast “Then and now” is a good one – thanks! I’m reading it now. I have to say that I was not a huge fan of Jessica Paré when she played Megan, but I did enjoy her role in Brooklyn. As for The Interestings, I read that book but I can’t remember who Ash was, at the moment. Will have to go back and look up the character. Didn’t know they were making the book into a show. Should be “interesting.”

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