Mad Men: What Happened?

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Jul 122016

Stephanie Horton is Anna Draper’s niece.  She played a part in several critical points in Dick Whitman/Don Draper’s life.

Don Stephanie Anna

Stephanie reluctantly told Don about Anna’s cancer.  It was Stephanie who called Don to tell him that Anna had died.  Stephanie gives Don Anna’s wedding ring that he eventually gives to Megan.

Stephanie tells Don about Anna

Stephanie called Don when she was 7 months pregnant and Megan was so threatened by her that she sent Stephanie on her way with some cash before Don could step in to help.

Pregnant Stephanie

And, as Don makes his way across the country, shedding his possessions, he ends up at Stephanie’s house, without a car and only a paper bag full of clothes.  Stephanie takes Don to the retreat.

Don arrives at Stephanies

  • What did Stephanie do after she takes the car and abandons Don at the retreat?

Don left at retreat

  • Would Don have had his breakdown and breakthrough if Stephanie had remained at the retreat?

Dons enlightenment at the retreat

  • Did Stephanie drive back to Los Angeles or head north to Berkeley?  If she ends up in Berkeley, does she complete her degree?

Stephanie phone

  • Does Stephanie ever confront her feelings about motherhood and seek custody of her son?

Stephanie at retreat

  • Does Stephanie reconnect with Dick or does Don seek her out before he returns to NYC?

Don on phone

Discuss among yourselves…..


  4 Responses to “Mad Men: What Happened?”

  1. Maybe because Stephanie was the only post-Rachel female who I saw as having any chemistry with Don, or maybe just because I like Caity Lotz, but I see them as connecting in the future. Not immediately. First she goes back and gets her life back together (showing her pregnant and with a messed-up life was always unconvincing to me. Before that she had been shown as such a smart, practical young woman). But a few years later, once Don moves to California (he’s always wanted to), they reconnect. Not a marriage (Don will never marry again. Never,), but a long-term relationship that’s as close as Don will be capable of.

    • Melville, are you suggesting they become more than the phony Uncle and Niece they have pretend to call themselves?

      I agree with you, Don will always back Stephanie up. She is Anna’s blood and he will treat her with the best intentions. But, I think Stephanie went off the rails when we saw her at Zubi Zubi Zu’s apartment.
      Will she always be a bit selfish?

  2. They eventually reconnect and Don loans (gifts?) her money to start her organic vegetable farm. She tries to get him to smoke her lettuce cigarettes instead of Lucky’s and after a valiant effort, he fails because they smell like feet.

    • Katie Turk!

      So glad to read and laugh at your post. Every day I look at your Don painting hanging over my fireplace and tell myself what luck I had acquiring it. Also, how cool it was to learn you grew up in Canton and I in Dedham. LOL

      Now, I do think you are on to something with Stephanie. However, I bet she parks the baby/toddler with Don’s crew. Sally will probably end up being the voice of reason in that situation. By that time she might even suspect the little one is Don’s. Poor Sally likely cannot get the image of Don doing the wild thing with the neighbor out of her head! Therapy please. Do you suppose she has Dr. Edna on speed dial? Either way Stephanie has “the selfish gene” therefore, I imagine the set up will allow her to flake out every now and then. Maybe she will land in The Village as roommate to Marigold Sterling! That would make a pair! As long as they don’t go way of Midge.

      Will Don remarry?

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