Basket of News, July 1, 2016

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Jul 012016

Any and all articles about Matthew Weiner directing episode 12 of this season of Orange is the New Black are going to be spoilers, and we can’t control that, given how Netflix series work, but you know he gives good interview!

No sooner did we report on Draper Sterling than a parody appeared.

Jon Hamm has a cameo in the AbFab movie. Joanna Lumley swooned.

From the archives: In the end, Mad Men came to Big Sur.

Mad Men is included in the 10 most steamy TV series.

This advertising article on Mercedes Benz will give you a fix of Jon Hamm’s sonorous voice, in addition to how ads are evaluated for impact (and yes, the “elegant voice over” counts)

Basketcase Hollis let us know that the Waldorf Astoria hotel is to be converted to condos. Mad Men fans know this hotel by its namesake Mad Men episode. The hotel was also the location of the anniversary celebration at the end of The Color Blue.

Elizabeth Moss’s latest movie, Queen of the Earth gets a less than royal review.

The Television Critics Association has nominated Basket of Kisses favorites Bob Odenkirk and Better Call Saul.

Bryan Cranston discusses reprising the role of Walter White for Better Call Saul.

The Walking Dead is filming every possible death to make sure leaks don’t spoil the Season 7 premiere.

The Walking Dead black and white S1 marathon is coming back.

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