Jun 282016

Dear Basket Cases — “Mad Men:  What Happened” will appear twice a month on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month (if all goes according to plan).  Let me know in the comments section if there are particular characters you would like to see in this feature.

This week we speculate about what happened to Roger Sterling and his third wife Marie Calvet Sterling.  What was their wedding like?  Who attended?  Was Don Roger’s best man and Megan Marie’s Maid of Honor?  Did they just elope to Paris?

What happened after the honeymoon?

Do Roger and Marie stay married or does Roger get divorced yet again?

Roger Marie affair

How do Marie and Roger spend their time when they are not smoking in Parisian cafes,

Roger Marie cafe

fighting in bed, and

Marie Roger fight 2

destroying the innocence of young girls?

Roger Marie BJ

If they remain married, are they faithful or have affairs on the side?

Roger Marie smoking bed

How do you think Emile Calvet and Mona Sterling Pike reacted to Roger and Marie’s marriage?

Marie and Emile


mona bruce pike

Does Megan accept Roger has her father-in-law?

Marie and Megan 2

Do Roger and Marie double date with Don and Shelly (or whichever stewardess he is currently seeing)?

Don and Shelly

Discuss among yourselves!


  8 Responses to “Mad Men: What Happened?”

  1. Joan is a presence in Marie’s suspicious mind. She marries Roger but acuses him of still having a thing with Joan. He resists telling her about Kevin but finds his will. Marie is money hungry and it flips her out to know there is a child who will compete with her and the Sterling gold. This is not a smooth ride for Roger. He makes a handsome settlement on Marie and runs for his life out of that marriage.

    In an earnest attempt he writes a full disclosure of his life and loves and advertising. Of course it make the New York Times Bestseller List for over a year. He is drawn out of retirement for speeches and consultant gigs with his old partner Donald Draper.

  2. Roger and Marie achieve a new form of sexual bliss while having a lot of sex after having taken acid together. Not wanting to give that up, they remain faithful until Roger has a third heart attack, fatal this time, at age 92.

    • That’s hysterical.
      If Marigold/Margret shows home how would Marie handle her? Marie has so little time for the young, lost, and naive.

      • I feel like Megan was merely the training wheels for Marigold. That little witch needs to get whipped into shape.

  3. I enjoy Roger and Marie together, but I can’t see it lasting. It takes a lot of patience to put up with Roger’s brand of nonsense, and Marie doesn’t have that kind of patience (Even Mona finally gave up.) They have fun for a year or two, then give up, much to everyone’s relief ( Emile and Mona have long since absented themselves from any involvement, but the occasions when Don and Megan have to share the same space are profoundly uncomfortable for them both.)

    Roger goes back to younger women, maybe even marrying one before the last heart attack gets him.

  4. Au contraire, they are married and happy, a stormy relationship, punctuated by things being thrown, yelling, and abrupt departures. All of which is following by wild mind blowing sex. Affairs? Of course, but short and non meaningful with understanding on both sides of how life is and will be. There is a deep understanding of life shared by both, who could care less about what others think. Roger has enough money to support her in the style she likes, certainly better than a college professor. They will age together in a non traditional way, fussing and fighting with great make up sex until they are in their 70’s. When Roger dies, and he will die first, she is heartbroken and retreats from life. What she will miss the most is his ironic witty observations on life and people.

  5. oh I agree, they are a complete match…Love them together….I love a gal who drinks from a wine bottle.

  6. Paul haunts me. So does Sal and Smitty. And the other one, Smitty’s partner. Shit. I forgot his name. ” I make love to the men’s” cute European guy.

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