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Dear Basketcases,

Thank you for your comments on the inaugural “Mad Men:  What Happened?” post.  Due to popular(?)  demand, please enjoy the next installment of “Mad Men:  What Happened?”  As soon as I figure out a schedule, I will make this a regular feature.

What becomes of Peggy and Stan, better known as “Steggy?

Mad Men, Person to Person, Stan and Peggy all lovey

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Do they shack up, get married, or drift apart?

Stan stays home

Do they have children that Stan raises as a stay-at-home Dad?

Stan stay at home DAD

Does Stan go back to photography or remain an art director at McCann?

Stan photography

Does Peggy become the first woman Creative Director in the industry?

Peggy swagger 2

Does Peggy stay at McCann?

Peggy Olson pitches

Does Peggy reconnect with Don and do they work together again?


Peggy and Don work together

Ok, please share your speculations and discuss among yourselves!


  5 Responses to “Mad Men: What Happened?”

  1. Yes, they do get married. Even after all she’s been through, marriage still means something to Peggy. They are married in a traditional Catholic ceremony, which makes Peggy’s mom so happy that she doesn’t even object when Peggy insists that Don be the one to give her away.

    As for children, obviously it’s a difficult subject for Peggy, which Stan would understand, but I think he would still want to be a father, which Peggy would understand. In 1976, Angela Katherine Rizzo is born.

    By then they have already left McCann to open their own shop, The Olsen-Rizzo Agency, with Peggy as creative director.. Eventually Peggy becomes a celebrated figure on Madison Ave, admired as a creator and pioneer. When Women In Media honors her with their Pioneer Award, Don is among those present on the dais. He gives a brilliant speech about how Peggy’s talent and determination led to her success. When its over, he and Peggy exchange a smile. It has nothing to do with anything in the speech.

    Don, who has long since left McCann to work as an independent consultant, has no official connection to the new agency, but they regularly send him business. He and Peggy maintain their connection for the rest of his life.

    The Olsen-Rizzo Agency is still going, but Peggy and Stan are semi-retired. Peggy would never let go of her work completely, even at age 77.

    • Melville,
      I love this ending! I could see each scene as you described it. Nice touch getting Ma in on the wedding and middle name for Angie. Don giving Peggy away is brilliant. Imagine how her mother will react as it has been established Ma suspected Don was the baby’s daddy, since he was the only one who visited her in the hospital…So rewarding to read your ending. Thanks!

    • Don died in 1985, (lung cancer, of course) October 27 the day that the events in Back to the Future take place.
      Beloved Pegs names her son after him.

      Yes, Don tells her about Whitman.

      • Tilden — I think that Peaches and Stan have a second child, but it is another girl and they name her “Donna” to honor Don. Even though Don tells Peaches about his childhood, she has always known him as Don and when he decided to “come home” from California at Pegs encouragement, he accepted his identity as Don Draper, creative.

        I love the October 27th touch!

        Susan F — so does Katherine Olson, as mother of the bride, dance with Donald Draper, at the wedding reception? 🙂

        Spot on, Melville! I’m thinking that Peggy gets her Women in Media Pioneer Award, as well as “Life time Achievement” award from the Clio folks because she had a hand in the following ’70s and ’80s iconic ads:

        Life Cereal — “Hey Mikey He Likes It” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UlEcUiBhwaI

        Bounty Paper towels https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JqAsWgfQPQs

        Nestle’s White chocolate https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qGjDjKJWwvs

        Wendy’s Crispy Nuggests https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vn2cBbjzqLQ

  2. Stan and Peggy marry. Don gives her away at the wedding. Roger either gives her a very generous check as a wedding present, or if he dies before they get married, leaves her enough in his will to have a nice wedding. It’s a small enough sum that the Sterling family does not object, but enough money for Peggy and Stan to have a nicer wedding than they might otherwise. The wedding is held at the Waldorf, and instead of the honeymoon suite, they book the room they worked in that so many years ago.

    They have two children, a boy and girl. The boy is closer is Peggy, and the girl is closer to Stan.

    Peggy and Stan form their own agency. They convince Ken to join them, because they need someone to do accounts. Don is a silent partner and helps fund it at first.

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