Basket of News, June 10, 2016

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Jun 102016

If you’re interested in car culture, this special retro car exhibit featuring Betty and Henry’s car from Mad Men is of interest.

This is behind a paywall, but the Chronicle for Higher Education wrote up the Mad Men conference featuring Matt Zoller Seitz.

This article about Sally Draper of Mad Men and Paige Jennings of The Americans explores the role of these teen characters in drama.

Mad Men costars John Slattery and Robert Morse reunite for Broadway’s The Front Page.

Audio: Jon Hamm on the Employee of the Month Show. And, video: Jon Hamm being cute with Rolling Stone.

The Hollywood Reporter explores how the end of Mad Men and the absence of Jon Hamm changes the Emmy race.

Jon Hamm will narrate a new Amazon docu-series about the Arizona Cardinals.

As if all that wasn’t Hammy enough, there’s also a hint that Jon could star in a live-action version of Archer.

Hillary Clinton and hating Mad Men.

It seems AMC’s newest drama, Feed the Beast, co-starring Michael Gladis (Paul Kinsey of Mad Men), is not going to be your next favorite show.

Netflix analyzes which shows are binged-watched and which are savored, and what it means: Many of our shows are examined.

A mom created a photo series of The Walking Dead as done by children. People lost their minds.

Norman Reedus of The Walking Dead would love to be in a Ghost Rider movie. He also says that Season 7 is “mind-blowing“.

Universal Studios is training zombies for its Walking Dead attraction.

AMC Networks CEO Josh Sapan discusses what The Walking Dead ending would mean for the network.

Deadline interviews Jonathan Banks and Bob Odenkirk about Better Call Saul Season 2.

Basketcase SmilerG let us know that Better Call Saul actor Bob Odenkirk will play journalist David Carr in The Night of the Gun.

Months ago, we reported that Breaking Bad‘s Steven Michael Quezada was running for local office in New Mexico. We can now report he won his primary race (thanks, SmilerG).

Basket of News is compiled by Deborah Lipp, Polly Draper, and generous Basketcases contributing in comments. 



  5 Responses to “Basket of News, June 10, 2016”

  1. That’s one review about Michael Gladis’ Feed The Beast… But here’s a great one from The Wall Street Journal: . Urge the Basketcases to view and judge for themselves.
    Thanks all.
    Full disclosure: I’m Michael’s Dad.

    • Thanks for the additional review. By the way, congratulations on having such a talented son!

      • Thank you Polly. LOL! I may have been a part of bringing him to this earth :-), but Michael has worked hard and sacrificed a lot to achieve his successes. I am very proud of him. But thank you for your kind comments about him. From a MAD MEN perspective, that entire cast was amazing! Not a weak link in the bunch!

    • We adore your son here at the Basket, but that’s actually 2 reviews, and I saw several others I didn’t link to. We do strive for honesty. I’m glad the WSJ likes the show, though.

      • Thank you very much Deborah. You are correct and thorough – and honest – as always, And BoK has been a huge supporter of Michael. Thank you! Yes, industry reviewers for the most part have not been kind to Feed The Beast (only about 23% positive according to Rotten Tomatoes). For obvious reasons, I remain optimistic that, especially as the show develops its themes and characters over the season, actual viewers will give it a fair shot. And maybe their response to the show might overcome the critics’ initial assessments. And there are no smarter and more independent-thinking TV fans than those of Basket of Kisses. Thanks again!

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