Mad Men Haiku!

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Jun 092016


Danny Siegel DD Peggy

Jane’s cousin Danny

“Cure for the common breakfast”

Punches Kicked Roger’s balls

Danny Siegel Roger balls


  7 Responses to “Mad Men Haiku!”

  1. Was it a kick or a punch to Roger’s, er, silver bells? I thought it was a punch.

    • Yikes…you are absolutely correct, Jared S. Thank you for pointing (not punching) that out!

  2. Hi Polly,

    I don’t understand why the program producers become so amused by one guy punching another guy in the balls, and you also seem to support the idea. I could understand if this was life threatening situation (even though it is fiction) and a woman punched balls in self defense, but this? Breaking/injuring someone’s sex organs is so amusing?

    • Hi Andrew,

      Thank you for taking the time to post your comment and ask this question. I’m always interested in knowing how people respond to these Haikus.

      I’m sorry if you found my use of this scene offensive, as that was not my intent. I try to incorporate “memorable” scenes from the series in the weekly “Mad Men Haiku!” feature. My interpretation of this scene, and why I featured it as a memorable one, is that Danny, who was always demeaned by Roger got his payback — not only does Danny end up as a successful producer in Hollywood, but after Roger makes a pass at Danny’s girlfriend and makes one more wisecrack about Danny’s height, Danny struck back at Roger in a way that actually takes advantage of Danny’s short stature.

      Of course, I certainly don’t condone any type of sexual violence, and I don’t think the creator and the producers of the show do either. I think they were using creative license to finally let Danny get his revenge on Roger by hitting him where it would hurt the most. So, this scene is memorable to me because a) it was unexpected, b) Danny gives Roger his payback after he had to endure so many of Roger’s “short” jokes, and c) Danny gets to take advantage of his short stature in the way he takes out his revenge on Roger. Remember, Roger has led a very privileged life in which his wealth, power, and position in society makes him feel his is entitled to behave the way he does. If anything, this is one of the few times throughout the series that there is a consequence to Roger for his disrespectful behavior.

      Because you raised this point, I think it would be an interesting “thought experiment” to see if we could generate an another way that this scene could have been written that would have permitted Danny to get back at Roger that would also be unexpected, funny, and consistent with these two characters and their history? Any ideas?

      Again, thank you for raising such an interesting question,

      Polly Draper

    • A punch to the nuts
      Can be quite unappealing
      A cup’s man’s best friend

      I apologize for my off-color haiku to Andrew, other Basketcases, J. Styne and L. Robin. I’ve been binge-watching My Name Is Earl.

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