Second Auction of Mad Men Props

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May 242016

Take out a second mortgage on your house and grab your checkbook!

On June 1st the bidding will open on a second auction of Mad Men props.  These items were recently on display at the Museum of the Moving Image (NYC) and Modernism Week (Palm Springs) and include:

The Ray Ban sunglasses worn by Donald Draper and Roger Sterling (as seen here):


Joan Harris’ promotion letter:

Joan Harris promotion ltr

The yellow sheets that were on Megan’s bed the night of that threesome in Laurel Canyon:


Pete Campbell’s globe bar cart:

Pete Campbell globe bar 1


Pete Campbell globe bar 2


Peggy’s portable typewriter:


And, that red Imperial convertible Don drove down the Pacific Coast Highway when he visited Anna Draper on his way to Acapulco:

Don red convertible


For a complete list of the items up for auction click here


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