Basket of News, April 29, 2015

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Apr 292016

 Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner talked with a very small audience at UPenn.

Weiner also participated in a cool poetry event.

This in-depth interview with Better Call Saul producers Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould discusses hints they’ve dropped in the show, and how astute fans are at picking them up. This article speculates on Better Call Saul season 3, including some of the above astuteness.

Better Call Saul is in the top ten of cable TV shows.

January Jones on life after Betty Draper Francis.

There are a bunch of Mad Men/Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt links, including Decider, a chronicle of how the two shows “collide”, and thoughts about a Kimmy Schmidt joke from Bustle.

Elisabeth Moss plays What’s in My Bag? with Us Magazine.

Christina Hendricks will co-star with Tim Roth in Tin Star. Christina is busy! She will also lead a reading of Whorl Inside a Loop.

Here’s an article on how Don Draper helped us understand trauma and shame.

Rich Sommer records Shakespeare’s Sonnet 129.

Norman Reedus’s new show, Ride, gets a premiere date.

Jon Hamm makes another “Hammeo” in an upcoming film. Jon Hamm also shows his support for the St. Louis Blues in a fun way.

Jessica Jones is among the excellent shows getting Peabody recognition.

Lesli Linka Glatter, acclaimed director on both Mad Men and Homeland, will receive AFI’s annual Franklin J. Schaffner Alumni medal.

Ben Feldman (Mad Men’s Ginsberg) talks about his new film, Between Us.

John Slattery will play President Eisenhower in a Winston Churchill biopic.

Joel Murray (Freddie Rumsen) talks improv.

Richard E. Grant, who tried to tempt Lady Grantham to cheat on her husband on Downton Abbey, will play a villain in the upcoming Wolverine movie.

The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman teases Fear the Walking Dead crossovers.

Fear the Walking Dead can’t compete with Game of Thrones.

Atlanta Movie Tours is offering Walking Dead location tours.

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    A million happy returns.

    If only there were 1 billion clones of Christina. There would never be wars, and life would be nothing but endless smiles and rainbows.

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