Mad Men Haiku!

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Apr 072016

Marie Emil Calvert

Argues with Emile

Takes all of Don’s furniture

Third Mrs. Sterling

Marie Calvert and Roger


  4 Responses to “Mad Men Haiku!”

  1. And I have a feeling that Roger and Marie did not live “happily ever after.” I really can’t imagine Roger putting up with her demands for very long. I must say, Julia Ormond did an excellent job of playing Marie, though.

    • I agree 100% I always thought that if Roger was going to be “age-appropriate” with another wife, he would have gone back to Annabelle Mathis (Caldicott Farms dog food) with whom he shared a romance in Paris in his younger days.

      However, even though Matt Weiner left all of the Mad Men characters in a “slightly happier place,” he was brilliant in leaving the door open to our imagination that their happiness might be fleeting as most still act impulsively, as with Roger and Marie.

      Any bets on how long Pete and Trudy survive in Kansas?

  2. Trudy probably found Kansas too provincial. Her parents loved the veneer of NY upper crust, Kansas would be seen as a big step down…not to mention going back with Pete. I figure she stays married because it is a better position than divorced but she is most likely using the company frequent flyer miles to lunch at 21 with mother.

    AND Pete will be back to his old behavior in her absences. The corporate stewardes will have his number.

    Roger and Joan will always be in each others lives…I want her mother to know it is his kid…she would love the dirt! Am I right?

  3. P/T were on the periphery of the NY Upper Crust. In Kansas they would be King and Queen, and both of their egos will enjoy every min.

    They will be together as long as Pete does not force Trudy to actually confront his infidelity. Recall that she threw him out after he seduced a wife in their social set. Trudy all but told him that allowing an apt in the city was a tacit agreement that he keep his indiscretions confined to the city.

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