Basket of News, April 1, 2016

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Apr 012016

Did the late appearance of Basket of News and the absence of a Better Call Saul recap strike you as an April Fool’s trick? Nah, I don’t go in for that. I’m just sick in bed.

Set your DVR! Matthew Weiner will appear on Celebrity Jeopardy in May.

The governor of Georgia vetoed an anti-LGBT bill that came across his desk. Before that happened, many in the TV industry said they would boycott the state of Georgia if the bill was signed, including The Walking Dead, which films there.

Linda Cardellini on working with the hot men of Daddy’s Home, Bloodline and Mad Men.

John Slattery is heading to Broadway. Before that, he went kite-surfing in St. Bart’s.

Do you like wedding pictures? Who doesn’t!? Kit Williamson, who played Ed on Mad Men, got all kinds of married.

Here’s a very cool virtual walk-through of Don and Megan’s UES apartment.

Hidden Remote takes an in-depth look at the character of Sally Draper.

How Mad Men and Breaking Bad changed AMC.

Elizabeth Rice (Margaret “Marigold” Sterling Hargrove) will co-star in The Offering.

The Walking Dead helps families connect.

The Walking Dead star Steven Yeun will travel with Conan O’Brien to South Korea.

If you’re the thoughtful type (and Basketcases sure are!) you’ll enjoy this philosophical analysis of the meaning of The Walking Dead.

Better Call Saul makes a list of the most memorable TV spin-offs. Rhoda and Lou Grant should surely have made the list!

Downton Abbey fans will enjoy this article on Dame Maggie Smith.

Basket of News is brought to you by Deborah, Polly Draper, and Basketcases like you in the comments! Keep those links coming!


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