Jon Hamm Birthday Week: Day 7

 Posted by on March 16, 2016 at 7:30 am  Actors & Crew, Season 7
Mar 162016

imagesAs JHBW comes to an end, let’s remember the meaning of the season. It’s not just the commercialism of these commercials Don has pitched, it’s the commemoration of the birth of Jon Hamm, the actor behind the man who was behind the commercialism of these commercials. I know that I’ll be hugging my kids just a little harder today. I mean my cat.

So far we’ve brought you six pitches or presentations, one per season. As our basketcases noted when it happened, Season 7 did not have a single moment of Don pitching. And so we bring you the only way to end this series–in perfect harmony.


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  1. Dear Roberta and Deborah,

    Thank you so much for another wonderful year of Jon Hamm Birthday Week — the best week-long holiday celebration and my most favorite holiday!

    Your Pal, Polly Draper

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