Jon Hamm Birthday Week: Day 6

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Mar 152016

spc200Did I ever tell you about that time I met Jon Hamm, and he asked me if I’d gotten my laptop back, because he had read right here in this very blog about how I left it in the airport bin, and I was so knocked out by the fact he actually read the blog in real time, and then I was like, OH MY GOD YOU KNOW ABOUT JON HAMM BIRTHDAY WEEK, and he was just like…”Yeah. I know about that”?

Speaking of humiliating moments, I bring you my pick for Day 6 of JHBW 2016:


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  1. The raw emotion in this scene just breaks my heart. Something tells me that Jon Hamm was pulling memories from his own childhood while speaking about Don/Dicks childhood. As a viewer, I just wanted to reach through the screen and hug him for real. Only great actors can draw in the audience in that way.
    For once, Don Draper was being heartbreakingly honest and instead of getting support, his colleagues turned on him. I wanted to buy him a Hershey Bar….

  2. The amount of talent it takes to make an audience feel what the characters are feeling leaves me feeling aw struck. Jon Hamm taught acting. Would love to be his student

  3. Of course Jon Hamm would ask you if you got your laptop back, Roberta. He’s that kind of guy.

    Did you get your laptop back?

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