Jon Hamm Birthday Week: Day 5

 Posted by on March 14, 2016 at 7:30 am  Actors & Crew, Season 5
Mar 142016

imagesWe take the celebration of JHBW very seriously around here. This year we honor Jon Hamm by revisiting seven great pitch/presentation moments, one per season. Interestingly enough, for Season 5 we chose an internal presentation–a practice round, no clients yet. It is too delightful and loaded with things to come.

On Day 5 we proudly present, “Do the bit”–

A very happy JHBW to all!


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  1. Too bad Jon Hamm only has a birthday once a year — these pitch clips are great.

    While I love this one, I really love the external pitch that Don does with a half-hearted Peggy in the Cool Whip test kitchen, after which Peggy tells Don to “Shut up!”

    Thanks, Lipp Sisters for a wonderful Jon Hamm Birthday Fest!

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