Jon Hamm Birthday Week: Day 4

 Posted by on March 13, 2016 at 3:14 pm  Actors & Crew, Season 4
Mar 132016

imagesWhat a week! A) Time change (screw you, time change). And B) I love the holidays, but about midway through JHBW, I just need a little me-alone time, y’know? Parties, caroling–I’ll be back at it tonight, but today, I’m a little slow.

This year we celebrate the seven days of JHBW with seven pitches/client presentations, each from one season. This one is hard to watch…

A happy Jon Hamm Birthday Week to us all!


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  1. Whenever that one lock of hair starts falling down on Dons forehead, it usually means disaster is awaiting. He did not disappoint in this episode. And the daggers coming from Peggys eyes were also a sure sign that Don is in for a rough road ahead.

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