Basket of News, March 11, 2016

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Mar 112016

Kevin Rahm (Mad Men‘s Ted Chaough) is set to co-star in a Fox pilot based on the movie Lethal Weapon.

Mad Men‘s Vincent Kartheiser has signed on to a new series; Debt, a WGN America drama.

Christina Hendricks on talks about confronting the femme fatale stereotype in Hap and Leonard.

Charlie Hofheimer (Mad Men‘s Abe) has been cast in Fox’s 24: Legacy.

More photos of Jon Hamm on the set of Baby Driver.

Kiernan Shipka is interviewed by (and on the cover of) W.

Interview with Mad Men writer Semi Chellas.

Julian Fellowes and the Downton Abbey producers are happy with the series finale, and talking about a movie.

The Walking Dead executive producer talks about Glenn  and the Saviors. Separately, he reveals what Morgan was doing last week. 

There was, sort of, a Johnny Depp cameo in last week’s Walking Dead. 

AMC has released teaser information about the end of The Walking Dead Season 6. Spoiler-sensitive types might wish to avoid, but it’s from AMC so it’s not too revealing.

The cast of The Walking Dead train with real weapons.

Meanwhile, the Fear the Walking Dead showrunner promises his show will be entirely unlike Love Boat.

If you liked Fear the Walking Dead enough to buy the Blu-ray of Season 1, it’s been released with new special features.

Fear the Walking Dead is huge in the global market.

Emily Kinney (The Walking DeadMasters of Sex) will appear on Arrow.

Better Call Saul exec producers tease that characters from Breaking Bad will appear in the next few weeks.

Nice interviews with Better Call Saul co-star Michael Mando (Nacho) in The Hollywood Reporter, and in The Vulture.

Lots of great details here: How the character of Mike Ehrmantraut was introduced, plus easter eggs from this week’s Better Call Saul.

Aaron Paul, formerly the meth addicted co-star of Breaking Bad, has apparently been typecast. Now he appears to be slated to play as a heroin addict in The Dark Tower.

In case you missed it, Deborah published an article at The Film Experience on the unexpected theme of Oscar night.

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  1. Interesting insights about the job of a location scout– who finds all those interesting spots to film our favorite shows?

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