Happy Birthday Jon Hamm!

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Mar 102016

Jon Hamm Golden Globe

Here’s a happy moment for the birthday boy!

This year, instead of doing Jon Hamm Birthday Week like a normal week, we’re starting on his birthday and running seven days. This is because it’s extra-special that way, and also because I forgot to post on Monday. (You GUYS, I had the series finale of Downton and The Walking Dead.)

This year, we’ve got something special planned (h/t Roberta on the concept of something special, and digging up the YouTubes). 

Since there are seven seasons of Mad Men, here’s the first of seven iconic advertising pitches performed by the birthday boy himself:

OMG so young!


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  1. Holy Moly,

    What a great clip! This is the guy that stole my time on Sunday nights at 10…love that scene. Thank you for going to the trouble of creating a birthday festival for JH.

    You know, this wets our appetite for our series re watch….Cannot wait for that to commence. It’s going to be fantastic.

    Happy birthday to Jon Hamm!!!

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