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The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 12 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 12 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Here’s a funny thing. While watching The Walking Dead this weekend, I jotted down a quote I liked, as is my habit. Often, I use them as pull-quotes or post subtitles. The quote was “It’s not tomorrow yet”. Afterwards, I found out the title of the episode was Not Tomorrow Yet. There goes my clever quote.

Possibly, the writers, too, thought it was the only bit of clever stuff in the whole episode. And now I just sound mean, which I shouldn’t, because it was a good episode, if not a great one. My heart was in my throat, which is not where it belongs, but I have to ask myself, is it because I’ve read the comics, and I’m just terrified of Negan? Did those of you who have never read the comics have a similar sense of dread and fear?

On Talking Dead, Jolly Host Guy referred to this as Season 6 “B”, so we can go with that. In S6A, Carol went to a really dark place. In fact, she’s been in a dark place for several seasons, teaching children to be bloodthirsty, killing Lizzie, terrifying Sam in a way that arguably led to his death—don’t forget that he was flashing back on the horrible things she said to him when he finally panicked and caused his own and his mother’s death by stagger. Now, we are seeing a Carol trying to redeem herself.

The first thing that’s noticeable is that she seems disgusted by having her white shirt ruined by blood when she kills a zombie. Next, we see her leaving a cookie on Sam’s grave. Easy to say “aww” and think she misses the kid, but I see remorse. The fact that she’s allowing herself a bit of a romance with Tobin indicates a kind of softening as well; letting the feeling back in.

So, the idea that they’re going to war is not exactly welcome. Essentially, Maggie has discovered that their ability as warriors, as killers, is the only thing that Alexandria has available to sell. And sure, when Glenn sees one of the Savior’s really, really, disgusting Polaroid trophy wall, it seems less awful to kill them, but it’s still a mission of wholesale murder.

Carol has a journal of the murders she’s committed. MoviePilot has a terrific little post dissecting that journal, explaining each of the cryptic entries and comparing them to reality.

Maggie’s pregnancy is an obvious life/death contrast on this murder mission. And speaking of pregnancy, Alanna Masterson’s (Tara) is the worst-hidden on-screen pregnancy I’ve ever seen on TV. Everything about hiding that pregnancy was not hiding the pregnancy: Makeup, costume, and direction all failed. Every single moment she was on-screen, my brain is going LOOK AT THE PREGNANT WOMAN. Makes her gay romance less plausible somehow (not that gay women don’t have babies all the time, but I don’t think Denise is the father in this case).

Internet win: Don’t know where I saw this, but

A lesbian, a priest, and Jesus are sitting in a car.

Oh, hey Saviors? A loud alarm has a down side. Why are noises to be avoided except for all the times they aren’t?


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  1. I have not read the comics, but they are doing a good job of building a real sense of dread of Negan.

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