Basket of News, March 4, 2016

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Mar 042016

Christina Hendricks has a new TV show (Hap and Leonard), so she’s doing the interview rounds: The Observer and Sepinwall both weigh in. The best part about this mini-interview with Hendricks is when they start getting her character’s name mixed up.

Basketcase Jahngalt found a meaty NPR interview with Joe R. Lansdale, who created the novels upon which Hap and Leonard is based.

Mad Men‘s’ Vincent Kartheiser joins the new Hulu comedy Casual.

Semi Chellas, Mad Men writer and executive producer, will be at Cornell University, presenting Telling Secrets: Notes from the Writers’ Room.

Jay R. Ferguson (Stan Rizzo) has a new comedy on ABC: The Real O’Neals. Yahoo News likes it.

Kiernan Shipka has a new movie, February, and it has a trailer.

Step inside Vanity Fair’s Oscar party: scroll down to the video clip with Jon Hamm and you can view both the photographer and Hamm to get a 360 view with your mouse – this is really cool.

Kristen Schaal talks to Seth Meyers about appearing in the first episode of Mad Men as a telephone operator. (This appearance is something Roberta footnoted in Mad Men Carousel.)

In Walking Dead news, you know we avoid spoilers here, but this article clearly warns about spoilers AND puts them below the fold where you can avoid. It’s tasteful enough that I’m allowing it, but if you don’t want spoilers about possible character deaths, and ESPECIALLY if you haven’t read the comics, maybe don’t click.

Showrunner Greg Nicotero opines about the first and second halves of The Walking Dead’s sixth season.

This one’s just funny: The Walking Dead’s Ross Marquand (he of the “nano-impressions”) had to catch a plane straight from the set of the show, and it wasn’t pretty.

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  4 Responses to “Basket of News, March 4, 2016”

  1. As always the Alan Sepinwall interview was most interesting.

    Personally I have been a major fan of Christina since long before MAD MEN.

    Actually the first time I saw her on TV was in the second season of Shotime’s series BEGGARS AND CHOOSERS in 2000. Many of my friends were working on that series. I had watched most episodes of season 1. As season 2 went into production a friend told me they were all thrilled by Christina playing “Kelly Kramer” who seems so innocent at first and then evolves into someone almost as focused as “Joan Harris”. Christina was in 19 episodes.

    Long before BEGGARS ended its run in 2001 I had managed to screen Christina’s 1999 TV Movie SORORITY, as well as her 4 episodes as Rhiannon on UNDRESSED in 1999 and her one episode of ANGEL as Bar Maid in 2000.

    In 2002 Christina had a 4 episode arc on ER as “Joyce Westlake” which brought her to the attention of John Wells. He cast her in the major role of “Audrey Drummond” in BIG TIME, featuring Molly Ringwall and Christopher Lloyd.The time is 1948 when network TV was just starting. Audrey had riveted B-24 bombers for Ford during WWII and moves to Manhattan as a really great secretary, landing at a struggling TV network.

    Probably my favorite line in BIG TIME is when a Pete Campbell-like account man offers Audrey a cigarette, which she declines saying, “I don’t smoke.” Otherwise Audrey is as efficient as Joan Harris, but nicer.

    Bummer that BIG TIME was the first pilot John Wells produced which was not picked up to series. That show really connected for me because my own career in TV production in Manhattan started in 1948. John Wells sure got the feel right. With any justice that pilot alone should have made Christina a major star. By the way, a then unknown Jane Lynch had a minor role as secretary to the network owner.

    If you can find a copy of BIG TIME you will enjoy it.

  2. If only because Michael Kenneth Williams played Omar in Season One of The Wire, I look forward to resuming the binge for that series.

    Thanks to a link in that Sepinwall interview with Christina, I now remember that MKW stole his every scene (as Chalky White) in Boardwalk Empire.

    Leonard as Hap’s BFF may not be so memorable, but I was pleased to see him as a Title Character in that brand new mini-series.

  3. The International Press Academy Satellite Awards honored Better Call Saul as Best TV Series Drama.

    Rhea Seehorn was named best supporting actress in a tv series/

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