The Walking Dead: Knots Untie

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Mar 012016
The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 11 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 11 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

I am begrudgingly accepting that Jesus is a likable guy. I mean on The Walking Dead, of course, not the religious guy. In Knots Untie, it’s pretty clear that he’s trying to accomplish something by bringing our Alexandria people and his Hilltop people together. Tom Payne, who plays Paul “Jesus” Rovia, has beautiful blue eyes that exude likability, so, while I kind of want to think he’s an asshole, I’m going with him being as good a guy as he seems to be. Gregory (Xander Berkeley), on the other hand, is just a jerk.

Our Walking Dead folks have had only brief encounters with Atlanta. Mostly, they’ve been inhabiting rural Georgia, passing through small towns and farming communities. It makes sense that they’d encounter more established communities once they get to the Mid-Atlantic, a more populous and built-up region before the dead went on walkabout.

The approach to Hilltop made me mad about the stupid. Rick is suddenly and unexpectedly stuck in the mud, saying a storm must have come through, quel surprise, except when they get out, it’s clear they’ve been driving in mud for some small stretch of road. Who drives a big, low-slung camper down a muddy road? And then acts surprised that there’s mud?  THEN Jesus makes his “there’s Hilltop” announcement, except it’s clear that the house and the walls have been visible for miles! Grrr, that was just a stupid lack of coordination between the script and the film crew.

But I like Hilltop. I like the look of the place, the logic of a historical reenactment museum, the FEMA trailers; it’s a sensible way to create a zombie-free community.

This was a fairly expository episode. A lot happened in terms of plot, but action was light. It focused rather more heavily on Abraham than matters to me. Does Abraham matter to anyone? Was there anyone in the audience going, Wow, I hope we get an Abraham story soon, his love life really matters to me.  Cuz I don’t think so.

Michonne and Rick, though, I like. I like very much how they handled it—warm and gooey, but also matter-of-fact. Go team Richonne!

I am full of anxiety about Negan. This is in part because I’ve read the comic books, and Negan in the comics fills me with dread. This is in part because of the cocky way they’re all like, Fuck this “Negan”, we killed the Wolves and we killed the cannibals, so who cares about some stupid Saviors? This is a very dangerous attitude. That the episode ended peacefully, with a SONOGRAM, feels like the worst kind of foreshadowing. I’m really scared, guys!

Basketcases, are you scared? Are you happy for Maggie? Are you dying to learn more about Abraham’s love life?


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  1. How convenient for Glen and Maggie that the doctor just happens to be an obstetrician. 🙂
    And I did love Abrahams question to Glen. “When you poured the Bisquick, were you trying to make pancakes?”

  2. I was worried that all their best “fighters” were in the RV. Carol and a somewhat compromised Carl were left behind, but did they learn nothing from the Wolves incident?

    I am happy for Glenn and Maggie and, for some reason, I thought the sonogram was going to reveal twins or some little twist.

    Abraham’s love life is of little interest to me, too, but the Bisquick line was the best. I actually laughed out loud.

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