Feb 292016

That NEVER leaves your résumé. Congratulations, sir!



  10 Responses to “John Slattery, Co-Star of an Academy Awards Best Picture”

  1. My son was born last Feb. 2, and so the only movie I saw in the theater last year was “Spotlight.” Needless to say I felt very wise in our choice! It was excellent and I’m glad it was recognized.

    Last night, I was trying to think of other actors who have starred in an Emmy-award winning best series and an Academy Award-winning Best Picture, other than Slattery. I’m sure there are some, but I’m drawing a blank. Any ideas? Kyle Chandler won a Best Actor Emmy and also co-starred in Best Picture-winner “Argo,” but that’s not exactly what I’m looking for. I’m not even sure this is a thing worth researching, but it’s pretty cool for Slattery, anyway!

  2. Terrific picture, and you’re right – a nice resume item!

  3. Candy Bergen in Murphy Brown and Gandhi.
    Martin Sheen in The West Wing and Gandhi. (Also Apocalypse Now shoulda been a winner.)
    Danny De Vito in Taxi and Cuckoo’s Nest, and Terms of Endearment.
    Embeth Davidtz in Mad Men and Schindler’s List.
    Judd Hirsch in Taxi and Ordinary People.
    Carol Kane in Taxi and Annie Hall.
    Abe Vigoda in Barney’s Miller, and Godfathers 1 and 2.

    That’s all of it can think of for now.

    • Nice! Looks like “Taxi” is like Six Degrees of Separation in this game! 😉

    • To continue this theme;
      Dominic Chianese in The Sopranos and Godfather 2. ( How could I forget THIS one??)
      Alec Baldwin in 30 Rock and The Departed.
      Don Cheadle in Picket Fences and Crash.
      Ray Walston in Picket Fences and The Sting.
      Barry Corbin in Northern Exposure and No Country for Old Men.

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