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Feb 282016

Enjoy! Opine! Criticize! Applaud! TALK ABOUT DRESSES.


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  1. I am curious to know how does someone get an invite to the Oscars? Is there a fan section in the auditorium?

    Also, are tickets sold or is it by invitation only?

    I bet Dr. C. Carrol Adams will have knowledge of Oscar!

    • Happy Post Oscars, Susan,

      The only time I have sat in the audience for The Oscar event was in 1971, the first one after I was invited to join AMPAS. My late wife Jean accompanied me. I believe the policy then was that every new member could buy a pair of tickets. Or, it could be those were given to me. Or my studio gave me the tickets. I nearly always attend the Technical Oscar Awards event. This year it was a couple of weeks before the televised main event.

      For many years distribution of Oscar tickets has been very tightly controlled. There are over 6,500 AMPAS members. After the network and studios take their share, only about 900 seats are available to members not nominated.So you only get a chance to by tickets every 15 years or so.

      There is no section for fans inside the Dolby Theater. Tickets cannot be transferred. Each ticket is assigned to a specific person and that person must present a photo ID before getting into the theater.

      Bottom line is that Oscar tickets are never sold to the general public.

      Outside the entrance there is limited seating for fans to watch the red carpet pre-show. In the fall ahead of the show there is a lottery. I believe those tickets are free.

      I know my late wife had been taken to two Oscar events before we were married, at least once as the date of a nominated actor. I worked on the crew for three Oscar telecasts before I was a member and several more times later.

      • Thank you, Dr. Adams!

        I knew you would have an insider’s view of what’s what, and it amazes me that after all these years the academy does not open the event in a bigger way to fans. However, as an exclusionary club maybe that will change too. It would remain a rarefied world even with a fan section, I believe.

        They could sell tickets by lottery and create scholarships for under financed young people…since technology is at our finger tips the old world academy could emulate what Robert Redford in offering creative and financial support. In the spirit of inclusion and diversity the academy may follow Sundance’s example.

        I am just a fan. I do not have any firsthand knowledge of the business. I just read and think about the issues.

        Check out this link from Variety http://variety.com/t/ampas/

        I think it is interesting how change is underway…sign of our times, I guess.

        Thank you very much for “taking us there” in you wonderful post. Wish we could have your wife Jean’s point of view, must have had many stories to tell about the Hollywood scene. Do you ever contemplate writing a memoir or even a blog? For me, storytelling is most fascinating with primary evidence! I know I am not alone.

        Susan F.

        • Thank you, Susan,

          My studio employment contract included a non-disclosure clause. However I do contribute to books about that studio published by their subsidiary.

          Unfortunately, Jean, the love of my life and my wife from 1959 to 1988 was killed by a drunk driver, so she never had a chance to write about her extraordinary life.

          Apparently before my time AMPAS did sell Oscar tickets to the public when the show format changed from a banquet to a theater show.

          Even without selling tickets to the public AMPAS does contribute a lot of scholarship money.

          Many of my fellow AMPAS members agree with me that we need to train and encourage far more diverse folks in the movie business so that they will get nominated for awards and therefore invited to join.

          • Dr. Adams,

            The thought of losing the love of one’s life is tragic, but to experience the loss by a drunk driver is an unimaginable heartache. I am so sorry.

            When you tell of Jean’s experiences it is a tribute to the fabulous life you shared. Lucky you for that. I wish she had kept a diary. I guess our information age has many of us leaving a footprint of words so our future relatives and friends can see a little of what we thought …

            Thanks for the AMPAS history with the Academy, very interesting timeline.


  2. Do I sense a lack of interest in the Oscars this year?

  3. Boy the Oscars was really bad this year, however however however, at least Spotlight won best picture. My favorite pictures, Brooklyn, Trumbo and Spotlight were kinda ignored, except for also Spotlight winning screenplay…but tell me, did Spotlight direct itself? Oh well. Helen Mirren should have been nominated for supporting actress in Trumbo and she should have won. I am still steaming!

    Sorry nobody was into this thread this year sisters, but I still love you gals.

  4. For my money Chris Rock’s “person-in-the-street” in “Compton” was the most entertaining:

    “I watch lots of movies – but I’ve never heard of those!”

    “I’ve heard of Tom Hanks (and Spielberg)”

    “Favorite Movie? SuperFly!” – which is almost before Deborah’s and Roberta’s time.

  5. Chris Rock.
    Thank God.

  6. http://www.vanityfair.com/hollywood/photos/2016/02/oscar-party-photos
    Vanity Fair party pictures are fun and showcase the fashions!

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