Basket of News, February 19, 2016

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Feb 192016

Mad Men’s Jennifer Getzinger (a Basket of Kisses favorite) will direct the pilot Miranda’s Rights. The article pointed out she’s the only woman directing a network pilot.

…Which makes this article even more important: Made By Women is an organization founded to mentor women directors, and it includes Leslie Linka Glatter (Mad Men, Homeland).

Alison Brie gets a meaty interview with Empire Online. She also jokes about peeing herself during a Mad Men shoot. No, really.

We don’t usually put reviews in Basket of News, but punk icon Richard Hell’s view of Vinyl is a natural exception.

The Walking Dead often uses real effects, not CGI, including a stunning lake of fire last week.

The Walking Dead producers discuss violence against children in the context of the show.

The Hollywood Reporter has a first look photo from Jon Hamm’s forthcoming movie Marjorie Prime.

Speaking of Jon Hamm movies, here’s early teasers on Baby Driver.

Rich Sommer (Harry Crane) stars as the primary voice actor in a new mystery game, Firewatch. (Sommer is an avid gamer and game collector.)

Claire Danes of Homeland is returning to New York to star in an Off-Broadway show.

Jim Carter (Downton Abbey’s Carson) will be performing magic tricks for charity.

Here’s a listicle: 20 Future Stars Who Appeared on Gilmore Girls—it includes Jon Hamm and Abigail Spencer.

People are drinking less beer and more liquor: Mad Men’s influence is cited.

Cute video of celebrities talking about saying no, including Mad Men’s Jon Hamm and Elisabeth Moss, and Allison Janney of Masters of Sex.

Jon Hamm is among the stars participating in this Gates Foundation PSA supporting education.

Our awards post is updated with the results of the Writer’s Guild of America Awards.

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  1. I found this Bryan Cranston clip recalling his first IMDB credit filmed 1982 (adult situations played for comedy):

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