Jan 302016

Don hug 2
Coming atcha live–Jon Hamm is doing a delightful job as co-host, along with Kristen Wig, of the SAG Awards. I mean, sort of…we haven’t seen them since the show started. It’s all presenters, all the time. I always forget to watch the SAGs, so maybe that’s status quo, but it’s sad. OH I GET IT THERE IS NO HOST.

Anyway, Kevin Spacey, not Jon Hamm, took home the “actor” (as they say) for Best Actor in a series, and Downton Abbey (seriously?) took it for Ensemble. I will say it was the Downtown “staff” that accepted the award, and that was charming.

So ‘cases, that be that. That was the last one. It is officially the end of the line. #sadclownface


  3 Responses to “Jon Hamm presenting, not winning”

  1. I learned from January Jones Instagram that this is the last time the cast is together in public…Sad, is it me or does this feel like a long goodbye? I mean no disrespect, but I keep thinking someone, somehow, will come up with an anual 2 hour movie of Mad Men. Just so we can keep the story going. If it went to HBO there would be sex and BIG pay checks…Stop shaking your heads. I can dream can’t I?

    I want to see Don gray

    Sally a bride…and a mom

  2. When is the viewing thingy going to take place? I’m SO ready!

  3. […] a Kristen Wiig/Jon Hamm reunion (they co-starred in Bridesmaids and Friends With Kids), and ICYMI, Roberta talks about Jon Hamm presenting but not […]

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