Basket of News, January 29, 2016

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Jan 292016

Jon Hamm received a Golden Globe labeled “John Hamm”. You can’t make these things up.

Elisabeth Moss confirms that Season 2 of Top of the Lake will begin filming in the spring.

Jared Harris (Lane Pryce of Mad Men, and currently killing it on The Expanse) will be a part of Robert Zemeckis’s new Brad Pitt thriller.

The final season of Mad Men, and the first season of Better Call Saul will be available on Netflix starting Monday.

Christina Hendricks receives high praise from her Hap and Leonard co-star.

Here’s a touching story about Betty Draper being an unlikely positive role model.

Matt Zoller Seitz, author of Mad Men Carousel, will host a San Francisco Mad Men weekend. (Thanks, Greg Rickman.)

Here’s a video interview with Jon Hamm at the Sundance Film festival.

This listicle on 10 TV BFFs who never got together leads off with Basket of Kisses favorites.

SAG Awards predictions discuss Basket shows and SAG winners Mad Men and Downton Abbey.

Caity Lotz (Stephanie on Mad Men) discusses her role on Arrow with the New York Times.

Sneak a peek at Jon Hamm’s return to Childrens Hospital.

Anna Camp (Mad Men’s Bethany) will star in a thriller co-written by Alexa Alemanni (Allison).

Matthew Weiner is among the celebrities calling for the release of Tyra Patterson.

Robert Kirkman and the cast of The Walking Dead will appear on Inside the Actor’s Studio.

Corey Hawkins of The Walking Dead and Miranda Otto of Homeland will star in 24: Legacy.

The Walking Dead’s Lauren Cohan will appear as Martha Wayne in Dawn of Justice.

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  1. Yikes! There is a Russian Mad Men, and Matt Zoller Seitz is all over it.

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