Basket of News, January 22, 2016

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Jan 222016

This year, Mad Men is included among the Gay and Lesbian Entertainment Critics Association (GALECA) award winners. Here’s an interview with GALECA’s president about the awards.

This article on casting opens with a discussion of auditioning for Don Draper. The ‘Golden Age’ Of Television, Casting Directors Expand Their Reach

For anyone who is nerdy about both baseball and Jon Hamm, here is a link to a two-part podcast where Jon Hamm nerds out about his love for the St. Louis Cardinals and baseball.  The careful reader will find the link to part 1 (below the photo) which is a bit hidden.

The HFPA shares Jon Hamm’s “Winner Cam” interview from the Golden Globes (this is not the same video as the backstage one posted last week).

Sneak peak photos have been released of the next The Walking Dead episode, returning February 14.

Lauren Cohan (The Walking Dead‘s Maggie) did a Reddit Q&A about the rest of Season 6. She also got pranked on Ellen.

Fear the Walking Dead is getting an Anchor Bay Special Edition DVD/Blu-ray release.

Ross Marquand of The Walking Dead is back with part 2 of his “nano-impressions”, which includes Jon Hamm.

Another character from The Walking Dead comic books will appear in the series.

Showtime says it’s “too early to tell” if Masters of Sex will return for Season 5.

Downton Abbey star Joanne Froggatt accidentally made a dirty joke to the Duchess of Cambridge. Ouch.

The Lady in the Van, starring Downton‘s Maggie Smith, gets reviewed.

A Downton Abbey movie is definitely possible.

Homeland star Claire Danes is getting her Off-Broadway on.

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  1. Hey guys, I found on Amazon a listing for Taschen’s upcoming Mad Men three volume retrospective. I’m surprised it wasn’t mentioned here yet – I put in a preorder for the $200 version, but there’s an even more limited edition with all seven series of scripts included for a whopping $850!

    Maybe they’ll give you a sneak peek…

  2. […] one’s just funny: The Walking Dead’s Ross Marquand (he of the “nano-impressions”) had to catch a plane straight from the set of the show, and it wasn’t […]

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