Basket of News, January 8, 2016

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Jan 082016

Alison Brie is interviewed about her current movie work. Mad Men and Community get mentioned.

Christina Hendricks has been cast in Bad Santa 2.

The Clio Awards are trying to capitalize on the recognition they gained from Mad Men.

Mad Man meets (sort of) A Charlie Brown Christmas.

Remember how Frank Darabont was fired after Season 1 of The Walking Dead? And then there were lawsuits? His deposition has been unsealed, and it is crackling with righteous fury!

The return of The Walking Dead Season 6 is probably going to be bloody. Might be full of spoilers, so beware the click.

Scott Gimple talks the return of TWD as well, with promises of heartbreak.

Here’s casting news for The Walking Dead–spoiler for those who don’t read the comics.

Lesley Nicol (Mrs. Pattmore) confirms that a Downton Abbey movie is possible.

Michelle Dockery (Downton Abbey‘s Lady Mary) will star in Good Behavior on TNT.

Homeland‘s Claire Danes talks television and marriage in an in-depth interview.

We haven’t been writing about Daredevil on Basket of Kisses, but we’ve been watching and loving it. Here’s Season 2 premiere news.

Basketcase and master haikuist Polly Draper contributed the following items:
A recent guest of the Tel Aviv University, Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner reflects back on the making of his iconic show and his first visit to Israel.

What Mad Men could teach Downton Abbey, from Salon.

Behind AMC’s Post–Mad Men game plan (and why there’s no end in sight for The Walking Dead).

The latest odds for Jon Hamm to pick up his second Golden Globe this Sunday.

And don’t forget to check our continually-updated Awards post; now with more awardy goodness.


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  1. Hi there,
    The update awards post does not connect to anything…or is it me?

  2. Thanks to Deborah for linking to Ken Levine’s fabulous blog and that post on A CHARLIE BROWN CHRISTMAS. He gives credit for that special to “John Allen (who) was a Don Draper at McCann-Erickson in the mid ’60s”, which was ground-breaking in several respects.

    Interesting that an NPR piece recounted the making of that special during the Holidays. I don’t recall that they mentioned Allen but did say that Charles Schulz held fast to his way of doing that show and mostly got his way.

    Perhaps Schulz and Allen were allies against the suits?

  3. The following Mad Men actors get political — they signed a letter praising President Obama’s efforts for gun control: Jon Hamm, Elisabeth Moss, John Slattery, Talia Balsam, and Rosemarie DeWitt

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