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 Posted by on December 28, 2015 at 9:29 am
Dec 282015

Christmas Comes But Once a Year - Peggy arrives

Posting will be light to non-existent between now and the New Year. We’ll be back in force in January. Basket of Kisses shows that are back on the air are Hell on Wheels and Downton Abbey in January, and Better Call Saul in February. We’re also starting our Mad Men rewatch in January, and we will probably blog Billions.


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  1. Ok, this is the direction I need. I have one more big paper to write and I will bang that thing out by December 31st so I will be ready for the Billions of posts!

    Happy Holidays to my pals at the BOK – Your friend, Susan F.

  2. A Mad Men rewatch sounds great! Finally rewatched the final few episodes of Season 7 with my husband as he hadn’t yet seen them, so now I’m inspired and ready to rewatch the whole series in its entirety for the first time! Looking forward to going on the journey (again) with BOK!

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