Basket of News, December 11, 2015

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Dec 112015

Rich Sommer (Mad Men‘s Harry Crane) is returning to Broadway in a revival of Sam Shephard’s Buried Child (thanks, Roberta).

Jon Hamm is filming Baby Driver in Atlanta, GA (thanks, Polly Draper).

ICYMI, Polly Draper is providing us with a list of Top Ten Lists upon which Mad Men appears.

A passionate (!) fan of The Walking Dead‘s Norman Reedus bit him. You cannot make these things up. Although he is not pressing charges, Reedus requests that in the future, fans keep their teeth to themselves.

Producer’s Guild of America (PGA) award nominations have been released. Basket favorites on the list are Mad Men, Homeland, and Better Call Saul.

‘Tis the season. SAG (Screen Actors Guild) nominations have also been released, including Basket faves Mad Men, Homeland, and Downton Abbey. On the movie side, Spotlight is in contention for best ensemble cast, which means John Slattery could go home with two SAG “Actor”s.

Mad Men is naturally making everyone’s list of Golden Globe snubs.

For the round up of these and other award nominations, bookmark Polly Draper’s Awards post.

Amazon Prime has added access to Showtime (home of Homeland).

Teyonah Parris (Mad Men’s Dawn Chambers) gets the “rising star” treatment in the New York Post.

Sola Bami (Mad Men’s Shirley) is interviewed on HuffPo.

Torontonians can attend a fancy Downton Abbey event.

Skeleton zombies will apparently never be featured on The Walking Dead.

The most interesting character on Fear the Walking Dead, Strand, will get some back story in season 2.

Meanwhile, Fear the Walking Dead star Kim Dickens says she’s interested in a Walking Dead crossover.

Sarah Silverman of  got a SAG nomination of her very own, and had some fun with Conan O’Brien about it.


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