Basket of News, December 4, 2015

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Dec 042015

Matthew Weiner, in his first post-Mad Men project, will direct an episode of Orange is the New Black. Squee!

The Saturday Evening Post loves Mad Men Carousel, and links to Basket of Kisses. Thanks, Bob!

WGA (Writer’s Guild of America) award nominations are out, and they include Basket favorites Mad Men and Better Call Saul.

Spotlight did very well at the Gotham  Awards, including a Gotham Jury Award for John Slattery. Here’s a pic of him accepting.

Kirkman promises lots of death when The Walking Dead returns. Yay?

We don’t feature a lot of fashion in Basket of News, but I couldn’t resist Mad Men‘s Teyonah Parris making a best-of-the-year list. So gorgeous.

This interview with Maggie Siff delves into her Mad Men audition.

Here’s video of Jon Hamm on Toast of London.

Another thing I rarely link here is listicles, but these Walking Dead easter eggs are really fun, and better than most.

Here’s a first look at the Downton Abbey Christmas special, as the series winds down.

In a fluffy bit of “news”, Mad Men costume designer Janie Bryant co-hosts, with Christina Hendricks and Jessica Paré, a launch party for her friend’s jewelry line as brand news jewelry designers. I enjoy thinking of the three of them hosting a party.


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  1. Enquiring minds…Just read Don and Bette are reported “by close insiders” as seeing each other. I know better than to believe anything in the scandle sheets but my mother swore by them and I cannot refuse to share with you what Enquiring minds want to know.

    Out of respect I will not place a link, but is it ok to say, I hope this is a true story?

    • I can always count on you Polly Draper to set the record straight!

      For me, I just love the love angle…Stan Peggy, Don Betty…Jon Hamm Me!
      (I could give him a good home)

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