Mad Men: It’s In There!

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Dec 022015

mad mad carousel book Roberta did a book panel on Mad Men Carousel with Matt Zoller Seitz at Word Book Court in Brooklyn. The following week, I was part of a similar event at The Strand in Manhattan, but I had another commitment the night of the Brooklyn event. The podcast that the Vulture created was recorded in part at the Brooklyn event, so you hear MZS and Roberta (and Amy Cook).

So, I’m listening to this podcast, and MZS mentions that he keeps discovering new things to add to the book, for example, he left out any mention of the Milton Hershey School. Roberta commiserates. I think, “Hey waitaminnit!”

I email MZS and Roberta:

Wait, I’m listening to the podcast. The Hershey’s home for boys didn’t make it in? I thought I wrote a footnote about that. DAMN.

MZS replies “D’oh!”

But I just can’t let it rest, because I’m sure it’s in there. A few hours later, I send the following email:

Bottom of page 347.

So basically, looking for something? It’s in there.


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  1. I recieved my book but have not been able to get into it properly. I am still finishing exams at Hopkins so my life is a wreck. However, as I gone through the incrediable book, I am convinced it would make a great text book for an online class for people who write or want to disect perfect writing…So can we do some kind of book club here? This is a book that should be shared as one reads it! Love this book!
    Thanks for the wonderful effort,
    Susan F.

    • What a great idea. We’re going to start a Mad Men rewatch in the New Year–probably in January. Maybe we can do a read-along. What do you think?

      • I am totally open to a read along. How cool it will be to see the subtle ways the story unfolds and I imagine it will be a blast watching and commenting with the use of the book. Thanks for the opportunity to learn as a viewer while sharing the expereience here!

        I am really looking forward to 1960!\

  2. Deb,

    First of all I can’t tell you how much I miss the show and this blog!! 🙁

    I downloaded a sample of the book while I’m waiting for the amazon delivery and read the first two chapters/episodes. Question: Would you consider doing a weekly discussion on this site focusing on a particular chapter/episode and discuss any new thoughts, insights or connections?
    For example, while reading the chapter on “Ladies Room” I made a connection that could only be made with the perspective of the entire series–I have a feeling this won’t be the last time. In “Ladies Room” Don and Roger are in a fancy restaurant with their wives and Don refuses to reveal anything about himself. Fast forward to “Severance” in season 7. Don and Roger are again in a restaurant (not very fancy) and are with women (not their wives) only this time Roger comments that Don won’t stop talking about himself and his childhood. It kind of went full circle from season one to season seven.
    Anyway, I hope you will consider a book discussion as we wait for (hopefully) Matt Wiener’s next masterpiece!! (fingers crossed).

  3. The book is wonderful – it’s basically reminded me (though I hardly needed reminding) of how much I truly love this series. Plus it also drove home, again, how multi-faceted the show and its characters are to me, and how there’s relatively few false notes in casting, acting and plots. I’ve watched every episode multiple times (I’m binge-watching it now; currently the office is busy moving heaven and earth to make sure that Lee Garner Satan gets his damn Christmas party), and consider myself to be pretty well-versed in both the obvious and obscure elements of the show, yet this book gave me a lot of “Oh, HO – I didn’t realize that” and “OK – THAT makes sense” and “Wow…….SO brilliant” moments. Really good read, one of those can’t-put-it-down books.

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