Nov 252015

MZS, Amy Cook, and Roberta at BookCourt, and illustrations from Mad Men Carousel

MZS, Amy Cook, and Roberta at BookCourt, and illustrations from Mad Men Carousel

The swirl around the release of Mad Men Carousel is ongoing and big fun. Matt Zoller Seitz (MZS, ‘round these parts) kicked off his book tour in the NYC area, and Deborah and I, along with other contributors to the book, joined him for some of the booksigning/panel events.

On this Very Special Episode of Vulture TV, two of the events are featured, including BookCourt in Brooklyn, where MZS, Amy Cook, who contributed lots and lots of footnotes, and I, all talk about Mad Men.

Fun fact: podcasts are perfect companions to turkey prep. Enjoy!


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  1. You ladies TOTALLY RULE…I am so proud of you all….still read your site, it’s always fabulous even though MM is long gone….What do you gals think of Fargo???? Wish you reviewed it???? Did you two ever get into Mr. Robot? Just asking……

    a basket of kisses to you both for the holidays.

    Suz in Atlanta

  2. My copy arrived Monday (others got theirs last week).

    What a thoughtful and entertaining book. 200,000 words on the best TV series ever, split up as follows:



    A note “On Recaps”

    92 “chapters”, one for each episode arranged chronologically.

    A pen and ink illustration at the beginning of each season, along with a poem.


    A Timeline with episode references (I’m betting Deborah and/or Roberta were responsible for this).

    Endnotes (but not just – see below)

    Contributor Bios


    The body of the book is richly footnoted!!

    Easy WYSIWYG footnotes have been available to “desktop publishing” since at least 1989 (probably before) with the MAC SE (System 6.X), Word 4.0, and the Apple Laserwriter (which offered then impeccable 300dpi fully formatted text at a scorching 4 pages/minute).

    So, why do publishers still insist on putting all the footnotes in the back???

    A first glance it seems that “extended” notes were deemed endnotes for Mad Men Carousel, however, since many of the footnotes are “extended” mere length may not be the rationale for banishing certain notes to the End. Some of the end notes digress from the narrative in the body, but so do many of the footnotes. Perhaps after some reading the rationale will become clear.

    I suspect this book (along, of course, with BoK) will become a reference. If so, future editions (without that June 1 submission deadline see About Recaps) should include an index, in which case I will buy it again.

    Congratulations to Deborah and Roberta.

    • Hi Jahn:

      The Lipp Sisters wrote the timeline and are credited as such. We also wrote many footnotes, and we also fact-checked the whole book.

      Footnotes are divided into those at the bottom of the page, which reference only the current episode and those prior to it, and those at the end of the book, which contain spoilers for future episodes. The idea is that someone could use it as a guide while watching the series for the first time.

  3. […] event at The Strand in Manhattan, but I had another commitment the night of the Brooklyn event. The podcast that the Vulture created was recorded in part at the Brooklyn event, so you hear MZS and Roberta […]

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