Nov 052015

Me with MMC

Me with MMC titlepage

My advanced copy arrived today. You can buy yours here. Look, Deb’s a several-time published author, me not so much, so this is SUPER exciting for me. (I mean, for her too, but this is me we’re talking about HELLO.)

The two of us worked our asses off on this project, and we are so proud of what we contributed. We adore MZS (so as not to confuse Matt Zoller Seitz with Matthew Weiner, we go with MZS) and are thrilled with the final product.

And hey, NYC locals (or travelers), we’ll be appearing with MZS as part of the panel at The Strand on November 20th. You should come.

omigodomigodomigod this book!


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  1. I just printed this out and put it at his desk … congrats!

  2. I will purchase with pleasure…the perfect complement to my Mad Men DVD’s and a reminder of all the great Monday mornings when I read your blog after each and every Mad Men episode aired. Congratulations.

  3. Amazon has notified me that the copy I pre-ordered will arrive nrxt Tuesday, 10 November.

    That is a very special day because it is Kiernan Shipka’s big 16th birthday. It is also the birthday of the USMC, founded 10 November 1775 by act of the Continental Congress.

  4. UPDATE: We (Lipp Sisters) will also be appearing with MZS at WORD Books in Jersey City on Wednesday, November 18.

  5. And HEY! Buy it from our store (ad in the upper right) so that we get a teeny tiny kickback.

  6. Congrats Ladies!

    Just ordered two – one for an “ex-pat” one for moi.

    Don’t forget to get “five copies for (your) mother”

    (from Dr. Hook – “The Cover Of The Rolling Stone” )

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