Mad Men in Central Park: The Pierre Hotel

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Oct 282015
Front door of the Pierre

Front door of the Pierre

This is part three of my visit to Mad Men’s Central Park locations. Today, we visit the Pierre Hotel, which has been featured in Mad Men several times, from Season 1 on. Located at 2 East 61st Street, the Pierre overlooks Central Park at Fifth Avenue, the southeast corner of the park, just two blocks from the Plaza.

The Pierre was difficult to photograph, as the front was surrounded by scaffolding. I got a shot of the gorgeous front door, a beautiful sidewalk logo in front of the door, and the awning.

Here are the Pierre’s Mad Men appearances:

In episode 1.06, Babylon, Don has lunch at the Pierre with Rachel, where he asks her about Judaism, and she talks about Utopia.

In episode 3.07, Seven Twenty Three, Peggy meets with Duck at the Pierre, and this is where their affair begins.

Most significantly, in 3.13, Shut the Door. Have a Seat, the brand-new SCDP opens for business at the Pierre.

The Pierre is also mentioned in episodes in which it does not appear. In 1.04, New Amsterdam, Trudy admires a sink in the apartment she wants to buy, saying it’s like the sinks at the Pierre. In episode 2.04, Three Sundays, Roger and Mona reminisce about their wedding reception at the Pierre.

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The Pierre Hotel awning

The Pierre Hotel awning


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  1. Thanks for the interesting real-life glimpses into these places. Perhaps some day you could organize a “Mad Men bus tour” of NYC, hitting the various places shown in the show. I bet there would be interest!!

  2. […] The Sherry-Netherland Hotel is located at 781 Fifth Avenue, facing Central Park’s southest corner. It’s a block and a half north of the Plaza, and a block south of the Pierre. […]

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