The Walking Dead Recap 603: Thanks for Nothing

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It’s hard to write a recap of a show when you’re really, really mad at it. I’m a nice person (nice people get taken by not-so-nice TV shows sometimes!), so we’ll keep this polite – but if The Walking Dead did what I think it did in Thank You, it might be over between us.

The episode opens on the interminable zombie parade, and the away team looks about as done with the whole thing as we all are. The horn’s gone off at Alexandria, which means the tail end of the parade is headed that way – but the front end is still playing follow-the-leader with Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham. Rick and the others want to head off the zombie attack on Alexandria, and Rick’s convinced he can do this alone if he makes a solo dash for the RV. He tells Michonne and Glenn to sacrifice others if necessary in order to get back to Alexandria. Not a great show of leadership here, I feel!

Michonne and Glenn don’t really take Rick’s advice – in part because it goes against their natures. These are two people who believe in the inherent goodness of others. In the zombie apocalypse, this is not a great conviction to have.

It doesn’t look all that bad in the beginning: the survivor crew starts slaughtering zombies, and the Alexandrians try to join in. Jesus, are they bad at this! There’s friendly fire – one guy shoots another in the leg – and moony lovestruck David gets promptly bit. You know he knows he’s a goner because he responds by writing a love note to his wife. My darling Betsy. You will never read this note, because true to horror movie form I am now dead. This note is now a prop under the gray heel of a zombie.

Inevitably, Rick’s two deputies get separated. Michonne ends up with Heath and some wounded Alexandrians in a feed store, while Glenn (for reasons I will never, ever understand) pairs off with an increasingly traumatized and irrational Nicholas. Nick keeps running into zombified reminders of his treacherous recent past, and the worsening danger he and Glenn face makes a bad thing worse and worse. The two of them are at a crisis point – facing a huge stagger of zombies in a blind alley – when Nicholas finally decides to cash out.

Thank you. – Nicholas’s last words to Glenn

It’s bad enough form to shoot yourself in the head in front of someone. What’s worse? If you’re an idiot (NICHOLAS IS AN IDIOT), you are going to fall directly onto your witness, who is then either going to have to 1) watch you be consumed by zombies or 2) endure consumption himself.

And that’s the problem we in Walking Dead Nation face this morning. We don’t know if Glenn Rhee is alive or dead – we did not see him die, we did not see him on the Talking Dead couch or in the montage – but we sure don’t have a good feeling about where he  might be.

Final Episode Thoughts:

  • Rick Grimes is not my favorite person right now. Not only is he too convinced that his own plans will work out best for everyone; he also leaves himself open to attack by failing to close doors. And furthermore: he takes down fellow parents, the kind of people who scavenge for baby food. Nice work there, Daddy Rick!
  • Nicholas had the longest run of any incompetent survivor in apocalypse history. No way should this man even have still been alive, let alone be the reason Glenn found himself in that alley. I am just so angry about this.
  • Michonne continues to find those teaching moments, like this one with Heath:

Have you ever had to kill people because they already killed your friends and are coming for you next? Have you ever done things that made you afraid of yourself? Have you ever been covered in so much blood that you didn’t know if it was yours or the walkers’? – Michonne

   Joey, have you ever seen a grown man naked?

  • In zombie-apocalypse time, less than one hour has passed … and the walkers have not even made it to Alexandria yet. It really takes no time at all for everything to change.

  8 Responses to “The Walking Dead Recap 603: Thanks for Nothing”

  1. ROFL – Peter Graves check.

  2. Professor Spouse is with you, she thinks somehow Glenn survives TEN THOUSAND HUNGRY ZOMBIES because they’re eating Nicholas. I am not convinced.

    That babyfood wasn’t Rick killing parents. That babyfood was Rick killing people who had been in Alexandria. That’s JUDITH’S babyfood. At least, that was my take.

  3. A small group of dead is a Stagger. A huge herd is a Rot.

    I have a lot of hope that Glenn is still alive. And reasons. Glenn and Nicholas landed in a pile of dead walkers, with Nicholas on top of Glenn. Gimbel and Nicotero are also being a bit too “well, we’ll see” in interviews. Steven Yeun’s absence on the couch for Talking Dead as well as Glenn’s omission from the death montage also indicates that we’re not finished with Glenn yet. Every other major character death got all of those things along with a publicized death dinner on set. The note to Maggie, fondling Herschel’s watch, and calling Rick “dumbass” on the walkie-talkie (shout out to the very first episode) were all so heavy handed and pathos inducing that the twist has to come in a few episodes. We’ll sweat through the Morgan bottle episode, where I believe we will learn he was Padwan learner to an anticipated Jedi Master from the comics. We’ll then get an episode where Daryl, Abe, & Sasha get into a a tight spot with Rotters on Parade and a Rick episode before all of our intrepid group make it back to Alexandria for a major walker battle for the mid-season finale. Some fans are speculating that the whole Nicholas thing is actually a hallucination since Nicholas was pretty much out of it. I really hope that’s not the case because we definitely don’t need TWD to go all Bobby Ewing in the shower on us. There’s an outside chance the hallucination theory could be true; Steven Yeun recently criticized some “lazy writing” in this season’s scripts. I’d rather he be dead than see a cheap trick like that.

    • Wouldn’t any form of his survival be a “cheap trick”?

      • Possibly. Probably. The writing this season has been stellar so far, so I’m a bit optimistic that the way he gets out of this will be within reason.

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