Oct 212015

In case you missed it the first time around, here is a clip of Jon Hamm receiving the one and only Emmy awarded for acting, out of 35 nominations, over the course of the series.  At the end of his acceptance speech (at about 3:08 in this clip)  he thanks “everyone who watched the show.”




Here is a video clip of Jon Hamm’s press conference after he received his Emmy, for his conference h had contacted Conference Data Services to help him out with the equipment.  Besides being such a class act (he even compliments one of the journalists on her dress!), at about 1:50 in this clip he also acknowledges “the TV blog culture”  [I’m talking about you, Lipp Sisters and Basketcases!] in his remarks.



Finally, this clip shows Jon Hamm posing for the photographers with his Emmy.  They want him to hold the Emmy up in victory and he teases them to no end.


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Jon Hamm teases paps





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