Mad Men Haiku!

 Posted by on October 15, 2015 at 4:00 am  Mad Men, Season 5, Season 7
Oct 152015

michael ginsburg

Full-blooded Martian

“I had to find a release.”

Ginzo rolls away

Ginzo rolls away


  8 Responses to “Mad Men Haiku!”

  1. Somewhere in Brooklyn, Morris:
    Angry, confused, irons his shirt

  2. voices are quiet
    dark rooms, deafening silence
    Rizzo cries outside

  3. damit I screwed up, it should have been:


    • Nope you didn’t screw up — traditional Haiku structure is 3 lines:

      5 syllables
      7 syllables
      5 syllables

      but any and all creative license is welcomed as the sentiment is what counts the most!

  4. I was attempting to renga (the ever popular collaborative linked poetry where the 5-7-5 is followed by a stanza of 7-7 and so on 5-7-5, 7-7)

    The Ginsberg theme strikes a rather strong chord in me and I was inspired to impulsively continue.

    A true Renga should be planned though (theme, length, order of contribution, etc.) and I’d love to get in on that, as I’m sure we would have Bert’s approval (if he were real, and not dead (and i think we even briefly talked about it right here …

    in the meantime, your verse “Hitler’s Legacy” conjured up a whole nother avenue to explore vis-a-vis WWII’s so-called Greatest Generation and Baby Boomers (Morris and Michael)

    • My bad, and thank you for the renga explanation. I am a total Haiku hack!

      Yes, “Hitler’s Legacy” does conjure up another avenue, and to add to your list, “the second generation” (children of holocaust survivors), of which I think Michael would also be a member. It is too bad that there wasn’t enough “time” in the Mad Men trajectory to further explore the relationship between Michael and Morris as members of two generations that experienced the Holocaust and tried to assimilate in the post WWII world. Pretty soon all of the Holocaust survivors will be gone and it will be up to others to keep their stories and memories alive.

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