Basket of News, October 9, 2015

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Oct 092015

Apparently, one of the big stories coming out of Paris Fashion Week is how awesome Kiernan Shipka is. Of course, we already knew.

A recent scientific study suggests that watching complex drama on television–like Mad Men–could make you a more empathetic person.

An ad for Nice & Easy hair color has been banned in the UK for being potentially misleading. The ad starred Christina Hendricks, going from red to blonde.

Here’s an interesting long-form article on the phenomenon of studying and writing about television shows in a serious way. Mad Men is featured heavily.

Speaking of which, at the New Yorker, Emily Nussbaum writes about Don Draper, advertising, and the meaning of it all (from Polly Draper).

Jon Hamm is slated to star in the science fiction drama Marjorie Prime, with Geena Davis playing his daughter (thanks again, Polly Draper).

A new 24-track compilation, The Music of MAD MEN, has been released as of today.

Downton Abbey and Masters of Sex get rated on the “gay to queer” matrix. That’s a thing.

The Hollywood Reporter talks with Homeland showrunner Alex Gansa about the new season.

Robert Kirkman hints at the second season of Fear the Walking Dead. If you haven’t watched the finale of Season 1, even the headline on this one is a spoiler.

The Walking Dead‘s Norman Reedus teases his connection to Carol in the upcoming episode. He also appears on the Tonight Show, talking about getting his start in acting.

Walking Dead star Andrew Lincoln also has some teasery things to say.

The Huffington Post interviews the girl who played the very first walker on The Walking Dead.

Uproxx catches up with a number of Walking Dead actors who died on the show.

Chad L. Coleman of The Walking Dead will be at New York Comic Con this week.

It’s press release time!

NEW YORK, NY / HELSINKI, FINLAND October 8, 2015 – AMC and Next Games today announced The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land, the official mobile game based on AMC’s record-breaking TV series, is now available on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

 In a unique collaboration, AMC and Next Games have joined forces to create The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land, a first-of-its-kind tactical game for mobile, with thrilling turn-based combat, an engaging character progression system, and zoom-in close-ups of key moments during battle. Guided by Daryl Dixon, the fan-favorite character from the TV show played by Norman Reedus, players are in charge of their own unique group of survivors and their fate.

 The game starts in the grim Terminus train yard, where a small group of survivors manage to escape. Together they must fight walkers and survive to create and build up their own safe haven. The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land features six different character classes and a massive number of unique characters, each with different abilities and strengths. It also boasts months of gameplay, with a total of 10 episodes of story missions at launch and weekly guild challenges for allied players to perform, which add a social dimension to the game.

 Players will get to experience other familiar locations from the TV show such as the Prison, use signature weapons and encounter new surroundings from season six of “The Walking Dead.” Fans of the series can also watch clips from the show and exclusive behind-the-scenes materials from within the game.



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  1. This DVD review from the Boston Globe suggests that Matt Weiner and Jon Hamm provide commentary on “Person-to-Person” on the Season 7.2 DVD that will be released on Tuesday, Oct. 13th! Perhaps a good sign that we will have more commentaries with cast and crew!

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