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On June 25, 2015, Jenni Matz conducted a two-hour interview with Jon Hamm for the Archive of American Television.

In part 1, Jon Hamm talks about his early life growing up in St. Louis, MO, attending college, and moving to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting.  Near the end of part 1, he begins talking about his early acting career, appearing on several television series, and how he became involved with Mad Men.  While providing very thoughtful and detailed answers, Jon Hamm describes the audition process to filming the pilot, when Mad Men was picked up as a series, what the table reads were like as well as filming the three phone conversations and the Coke commercial in the series finale.


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  1. IIRC this bunch does real interviewing (like the Lipps). Something like six hours with George Carling (who, you might imagine, was a top notch, thoughful, interview subject).

    We already know Hamm is thoughtful – Part 2 ought to terrific as well.

  2. My goodness this was just what I needed!
    I am still lost with out Mad Men.
    The other night when I could not fall asleep I was trying to remember when was the last scene when we saw Don, Betty and the 3 kids all together…in one shot!

    Could it have been trick o treating with baby Gene wrapped up like a pig in a blanket?
    Was it the birthday party when Don brought the stuff elephant? (It wasn’t the only elephant in the room!)
    Only I am not sure Bobby was in the shot.

    Anyway, as you can tell…I needed some fresh material. Thanks Polly Draper for coming through and hooking us up to this gem of an interview.

    • I am suffering from major withdrawal, too! I’m glad you enjoyed this interview, and I’ve found a few other things that I hope to post soon.

      Your question about when we last saw Betty, Don and the kids together led me to the Lipp Sister’s invaluable episode guide for some research:

      We saw Don with Bobby and Gene (making them a milkshake) and Betty in the Francis kitchen in “Lost Horizon” (episode 12, Season 7), but Sally wasn’t there.

      We saw Don with all three of his children was when he took them to see where he grew up, after the “truth-telling” Hershey’s pitch, which was in the last episode of season 6, “In Care of,” but Betty wasn’t in that scene.

      So, I think it was In season 6, episode 8, “The Crash,” when we see Megan, Henry, Betty, the kids, and the cops in Don’s apartment after the visit from “Grandma Ida,” when Don passes out.

      On October 13th the second half of season 7 will come out in Blu Ray and DVD as will the boxed set of the entire series — Amazon is advertising that at about $120, instead of the list price of $209 — I’m thinking I’m due for an entire series re-watch!


      • Great research about that scene, Polly. Very thoughtful. Actually, if you took all of that information, it would make a great post. And if you REALLY don’t want to, let me know, because I think I could do it with what you’ve posted here.

        • Deb, I agree it would make a very interesting post, and I would LOVE reading a post by YOU with your insightful analysis. I am just too slammed at work right now to be able to do it justice.

          Any plans for an entire series re-watch (fingers crossed!)?

          • Yes, absolutely there are plans, and I’ve already taken some notes. I just want to be more organized about it. I’ll announce when it’s coming.

            • You guys are on to something!
              I so appreciate the site. And count me in on the rewatch…It will be so cool. As a matter of fact, everytime I watch an episode now and Betty lights up a Salem I shake my head. Matt was planting seeds from the first line. It will be wonderful to study the series under your tutelage!
              Thank you!

      • Grandma Ida!
        Mother of God what an episode!

        I am finishing a doctoral program and will be through with oral comps Nov 24~I will be ready for the pure escape

        • Good luck on your comps — remember, you know more about your doctoral topic than anyone else in the room!

      • Thanks for reminding me of the reference guide.
        It was season 3 episode 11 when the Draper family was a family in one shot. And they were trick o treating.

        “And who are you suppose to be?” Francine’s husband asks when he gives out the treats.

        The next time we see them in the same room is years later.

        Do you think it was preplanned that it was going to be the last family seen?

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