Mad Men on Central Park: The Plaza Hotel

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Oct 052015
The Plaza Hotel

The Plaza Hotel

This weekend, my in-laws visited New York City, and on Sunday, we took them on a pedi-cab tour of Central Park. First of all, FUN! I totally recommend the experience. Second of all, I had my eyes open for Mad Men locations.

Now, I currently live about 15 minutes from Manhattan (counting the walk to the PATH train), but Central Park South is not exactly a neighborhood I’ve ever frequented, so it was a thrill to experience this neighborhood, one very much a part of Mad Men. I’ll be sharing location photos and trivia over several posts. First, The Plaza.

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The famous Plaza Hotel, situated south of Grand Army Plaza at the southeast corner of Central Park (Fifth Avenue and Central Park South, which is 59th Street), is over one hundreds years old. It has been referenced twice in Mad Men, both during season 7.

In episode 7.01, Time Zones, Roger and Margaret have a tense lunch at the Plaza, presumably at the Palm Court. In episode 7.12, Lost Horizon, Don and Meredith discuss that he is living at the Plaza while his new apartment is being decorated.

The Pulitzer Fountain, across from the Plaza.

The Pulitzer Fountain, across from the Plaza.

Don and Megan’s apartment was at 72nd and Park, 2 long blocks from the Terrace Drive entrance to the park at 72nd and 5th.


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  1. Is that the same Plaza with the ballroom that Capote hired for his big In Cold Blood bash?

    • I read the Wikipedia article and found this amusing comment in Talk:

      I would not recommend this hotel to any one.its filty.Rooms are old and dated and very small .wallpaper hanging off of the walls.Carpets are very shabby’.Rooms cleaned every second day.I soppose it was a good hotel in the 50, things about it is its near everything.PS.if you need the toilet go before you check out.after you have checked out and you need the toilet you have to go down stairs the doors is locked so you have to go back to reception .trying to get a key for the toilrt is trying get blood from a stone.AVOID it at all costs.good luck

      • As one who occasionally offers an edit, the behind the scenes stuff can be good (I usually check Talk before editing).

        I suspect The Plaza goes back much farther than “the fifties” – too bad it’s declined so badly (and now I wonder what Yelp and other reviews have to say?).

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