At Last!

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Sep 212015

Our warmest Basket of Kisses congratulations to Jon Hamm for this richly-deserved acknowledgment of his talents.

Jon Hamm accepting his Emmy

Thank you Jon, for all you do.

Jon Hamm climbs onstage at the Emmys


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  1. Nice to see him win, shame it happened on the same night as the big-budget Hollywood kids’ fairy tale was anointed as the standard bearer. Seems clear now that May 17 marked the end of the Golden Age of TV, but maybe movies will pick up the slack again? One can hope

    • Why the hate for Game of Thrones? How does an abundance of awards for one series detract from Jon Hamm’s accolades?

  2. This is an interesting take on why it took so long for the Academy to finally acknowledge Hamm’s performance with an Emmy:

    • Very insightful piece. The greatness of the acting on MM isn’t in the histrionics, but the subtlety of the emotions and the way they serve the intricacy of the storytelling. That makes it very difficult for those who aren’t devoted fans to understand what the truly “big” moments are. For example, one of Jon Hamm’s greatest moments in the final season came during “Lost Horizon,” when Don walks out of the creative directors meeting. The entire scene was just him looking out a window, then wordlessly rising and leaving the room. How do you explain to a non-fan that a man deserves an Emmy for the way he walks out of a room? It’s true, but difficult for a Muggle to understand. 🙂

  3. So happy for Jon Hamm but I think it is a travesty how little the main actors have been rewarded individually for Mad Men. I know it is subjective but it just doesn’t make sense that you could have such a high caliber show and not have high caliber actors.

    • I think there are a lot of people there who just don’t “get” Mad Men. They see it as a nostalgic look back to an era that happened before they were born and therefore is of no particular interest. The beauty of the drama is also sometimes lost on people my age. (For the record, I’m the same age as John Slattery.)

  4. I couldn’t be more thrilled that Jon Hamm finally got the Emmy he has so long deserved. It doesn’t take anything away from his achievement to say that I regret John Slattery never received an Emmy, not did several of the others of Mad Men who certainly should have been honored.

  5. video clip of Jon Hamm in the press room after receiving his Emmy while fielding press questions


  6. First class!
    I think there should be a Jon Hamm School of Charm.

    Hollywood and New York actors should take a lessons from this gentleman. He is genuine, kind and articulate.

    And, I love that he is embarrassed that he climbed up on the stage. It shows he is human. Also, he is in excellent shape!

  7. So happy and excited that he won!
    On the other hand, these Emmys really felt like the official end to Mad Men for me. 🙁

  8. […] week. Keep sending those contributions! I don’t know if you’ve heard, but Jon Hamm won the Emmy for Best Actor in a Drama […]

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