Open Thread: Emmys 2015

 Posted by on September 20, 2015 at 6:00 pm  Awards, Mad Men, Season 7
Sep 202015

Okay Basketcases,

This is it. These folks have one last chance to right this wrong. As long as Mad Men has been on television, Jon Hamm has not won an Emmy. No bueno.

Naturally we want everyone to win, and certainly Lizzie, but seriously, Jon Hamm has to win. He just has to.

Please please please please please.

We’re opening up early for red carpet pre-game–please respect our policies and be awesome. Other than that, chat with your community and enjoy the show!


  21 Responses to “Open Thread: Emmys 2015”

  1. I have lit a brand new white candle for Jon Hamm.

    He is our guy. It feels like we discovered him all those years ago!

    Doing my nails, got the Betty Draper negligee on, and a rich cabernet keeping me company. Even the dog’s got a bone for this event!

    Come on Emmy!

    Love you Jon Hamm,
    Your fan,
    Susan F.

  2. Mad Men splits its own vote in the writing category. smh

  3. Matthew Weiner didn’t win for writing!! Omg!

  4. Now I’m worried about Jon Hamm! 😬

  5. Christina loses. Of course.

  6. I’m not watching anymore

  7. Jonathan Banks was robbed.

  8. Jon WINS! The one redeeming moment of my weekend.

  9. and Lizzie loses. Of course.

  10. Thank God!
    I am so happy for him. Did you notice how incrediably humble and gentlemanly he spoke. Lovely man.

  11. Congratulations, Jon! Well-deserved and long overdue!

  12. and Mad Men loses. Of course.

  13. Again proving awards shows are high school.

  14. I’ve never ever felt emotionally invested in an awards show, but I unexpectedly teared up when Jon was announced. Well deserved.

    • After all this time he probably doesn’t even care anymore.

      • He cares.

        • I agree that he cares, but not for reasons of self-promotion.

          I was impressed that Jon Hamm took the opportunity to deliver a humble and stoic acceptance speech that was deeply personal in the way that he named and acknowledged those who stood by him at important times in his life that he credited with helping him to get to that moment.

          • I may be wrong, but I didn’t hear him mention Matt Weiner?

            • Not by name. He mentioned the writers and crew. He has thanked Matt Weiner by name when he’s won awards given by Tv critics. I like that the people he named at the jemmy’s were people who probably would never hear their names on nationally Tv otherwise.

            • Damn auto correct! Emmy

  15. Jon’s Emmy and Tracy Morgan’s return. A truly wonderful night!

    But it would’ve been even more wonderful if Christina Lizzie and Jonathan had won – and if the show had also snagged those writing Emmys too.

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