Basket of News, September 18, 2015

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Sep 182015

The Creative Arts Emmys were awarded Saturday, September 12. If they are seen as predictive of the primetime Emmys, then Mad Men is in trouble: Jon Hamm didn’t win his Comedy Guest nomination for The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and Mad Men failed to get awards in such technical categories as casting and hair. (Full list of nominees and winners at the link.)

Alan Sepinwall, though, analyzes Hamm’s chances in light of new Emmy voting rules.

Meanwhile, an anonymous Emmy voter honestly discusses his ballot.

Sandra Stern of Lionsgate, who negotiated the original deal for Mad Men, talks Emmys and the place of women in Hollywood.

Polly Draper sent us this great article about Matthew Weiner using The Wheel to teach a master class in Toronto.

Polly Draper is also responsible for finding a Mad Men/Parks and Recreation mashup. Because of course.

Alison Brie on the Late Late Show talks about hilariously offensive Twitter messages.

John Slattery is headed to Veep.

Kiernan Shipka has a movie, February, premiering at Toronto. She is interviewed by the Toronto Star.

Broadway World profiles Elisabeth Moss.

Fear the Walking Dead is doing very well in the ratings, but slipping.

Xander Berkeley of 24 will be joining the cast of The Walking Dead.

McFarlane is releasing a series of Walking Dead toys that span the seasons.

Kevin Doyle, who plays Molesley, talks about the end of Downton Abbey.

Robert Kirkman, creator of The Walking Dead, is creating some Halloween-themed content for YouTube.


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  1. Thanks, Deborah, for posting. Slattery on Veep! Xander Berkeley on TWD! Great news!

    I can get behind mystery Emmy voter for American Crime, Bessie, and Key & Peele.

    I think *Empire, **Fargo, & ***American Horror Story are all starting soon. Have to wait until Feb for ****The Americans.

    *Keep showing promos of Terrance Howard in his orange jumpsuit laughing crazily…I’m hooked.
    **Promos look like the 1970s. Is it Sioux Falls?
    ***Lady Gaga as the hotel owner!
    ****Last season? What will I watch for the many wig changes? My Noah Emmerich fix?

  2. Rumor has it Jon Hamm may show up on The Walking Dead.

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