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Aug 242015
Fear the Walking Dead, Maddy and Travis, Pilot

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I can’t commit to recapping Fear the Walking Dead, not with Hell on Wheels and Masters of Sex the same weekend. Too much recapping. Unless a Basketcase* is interested in writing this show, we’ll just be checking in with it periodically, and give briefer impressions than you’d expect from a full recap. But there will certainly be room for discussion here on the Basket.

So, what is my impression of Fear the Walking Dead: Pilot? Pretty darn good. 

*Do not be afraid, Basketcases! We are always happy to showcase new recappers.

The cast isn’t currently setting the world on fire, as they work aggressively to create that “ordinary people” look. Frank Dillane as Nick got the most attention this episode, he has a striking resemblance to a young Johnny Depp. His acting is a little all over the place, but I like the idea. Where do the zombies emerge first? Among junkies and street people. Clever. Having high school lectures on chaos theory and man versus nature is perhaps a bit too pointed, but it’s not like the whole show was laden with symbolism, so I can give that a pass.

It held my attention, it has promise, and it’s only a six-week season. That gives time for the plague to take hold, and the government to botch its response, without coming anywhere near the timeline of The Walking Dead. We’ll definitely be watching.

What did you think?


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