Open Thread: Talk Among Yourselves

 Posted by on August 23, 2015 at 7:15 pm
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Hell on Wheels will be late. Turns out even middle-aged writers go out Saturday nights. Masters of Sex will be along. In the meantime, my very own Lippsister, Roberta, has gotten herself a new kitten: Maggie!

Topic tonight is therefore: Pet names. Why did you name your pets as you did? I’ll chime in below.


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  1. My little Callisto (called Callie) has only one eye. I named her after a one-eyed character from the X-Men comics:

    I think, though, that she thinks her name is Who’s a Pretty Girl?

  2. I found a Beagle on a highway one late cold November day. She had two torn ears, a missing front tooth, and smelled like a goat. I named her Beauty-Queen.

    My heart was broken when she eventually passed away. Only a few months later I decided I would get a white dog and a luxury car. Don’t ask why, but I felt it was time to be one of those ladies that looked really good for being a certain age. A Lexus and a white dog seemed like the right accessories for this fantasy look I was after.

    I named the dog Smoochie before I even met it. For a month I would lurk around the SPCA until the day came when a little white cockapoo was sharing a cell with a beagle. They were playing and I said to myself. This is a very good sign. That dog is making the best out of a bad situation. That’s my kind of dog! So, long story short, I adopted Smooch and he is an amazing guy.

    I am a therapist and he meets and greets kids all day. He loves the ones who needs it the most. I hit the lotto of love when I got The Smooch!

  3. I have had many dogs and many, many cats in my life, but my current dog is a 10 year old rescue dog from a puppy mill. He looks like a (maybe) Pom/chihuahua/something else. He is diabetic, has bad joints and is a demanding dog, especially with food. His name is Chopper because for the first two years of his life he chopped down on everyone and everything he could reach. Fingers, toes, humans, other dogs, furniture, rugs, anything. He didn’t chew, he chopped. So of course, Chopper.

  4. In 1995, a six-week-old Calico kitten was tossed out of a vehicle onto a busy street. Thankfully, someone witnessed this and brought the traumatized kitty to a weekly cat adoption event nearby, that my wife at the time volunteered at. She brought her home with her that evening. We already had five other cats, so the kitten & I spent the night together curled up on the bathroom floor. The next day, I took her to the vet to be checked out. Other than being shaken up by what had happened to her, she was fine, so we adopted her.

    Our other cats had “M” names (Missy, Mike, Molly, Mookie and Millie Vanilla). Since she had a little mustache and it reminded us of the actor, Don Ameche, we named her Meche.

    The following year, my wife and I split up. I got custody of the oldest cat, Missy, who I’d had prior to our being married, along with Meche, who had really bonded with me.

    On June 4, 2015, Meche turned 20, which is 96 in human years. About two weeks later, she began acting differently, standoffish and obviously ill. On June 25th, she made the transition from this realm to whatever’s next for wonderful cats.

    Needless to say, I was devastated! She had been my furry friend for 20 years and we had shared many adventures together.

    After a few weeks of being in a feline-free home, for the first time in 30 years, I decided to visit the local shelter, just to get some much-needed kitty love. I got to spend quality time with lots of wonderful cats and wound up adopting a seven-year-old cat named Chocolate Chirps. The staff at the shelter could not have been more helpful and supportive, and she’s settling in nicely at her new home. Punky the Cockatiel (who turns 18 this year) is still a bit wary of her, but I’m sure he’ll come around.

    – click the link to view the crew …

  5. Teeny tiny six-week-old tabby cat…came home curled up on my shoulder playing with my hair, and he had the HUGEST LOUDEST purr I’d ever heard so he immediately became Harley. Shoulda named him Roadmaster cuz he grew into an 18 pound linebacker. He was 18 when his kidneys failed him. It’s been 4 years but I still miss him being my bedtime footwarmer on cold nights.

    Our second cat was a sleek sexy black/grey kitten that got named Gilda in honor of the Rita Hayworth movie (if you’ve seen it you know exactly what I mean).

    We now have two dogs that Mrs Dance named Jesse and Daisy. Why? “Because that’s what they told me their names were.”

    I got to name her birds. The first one is Sophie, and when we got a companion for her, he of course had to be a Morris. Mrs Dance is lucky I didn’t name then Harvey and Sheila.

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