Basket of News, August 21, 2015

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Aug 212015

Photos and talk about the last season of Downton Abbey.

Mad Men‘s Matthew Weiner and Homeland‘s Alex Gansa talk about being great showrunners. Matt and Alec Berg also talk about their Emmy-nominated writing.

Here’s a great interview with Matt Weiner talking about his collaboration with Jon Hamm.

The Daily Beast interviews Kiernan Shipka (thanks Polly Draper!).

Don Draper’s influence on cocktail culture.

Elisabeth Moss talks about her new movie, Queen of Earth, and about female relationships on-screen.

Elisabeth Moss also talks about saying goodbye to Mad Men, and her ideas about a Mad Men spin-off.

Polly Draper gives us another: John Slattery, in life imitating art, becomes a director for commercials, branded spots.

A clip of Christina Hendricks on her new Comedy Central show, Another Period. Christina also says she cried when she realized she was pretty.

AMC has a new app which will let you stream full episodes of shows like The Walking Dead and Mad Men.

Vincent Kartheiser has signed up for a new TV series, Debt.

Kiernan Shipka talks about her new film.

Mad Men costume designer Janie Bryant is collaborating on a new ready-to-wear line.

Walking Dead stars are sharing their audition stories. The Walking Dead‘s Norman Reedus says he auditioned for the show because he’s a big fan of Mad Men.

If you’d like to watch the first 3 minutes of Fear the Walking Dead, your wish is granted.

Colm Meany of Hell on Wheels says comic book movies have “taken over the world”. Also, you kids should get off his lawn.

There’s some twists and turns in Frank Darabont’s lawsuit against AMC over The Walking Dead.

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  5 Responses to “Basket of News, August 21, 2015”

  1. Emmys: ‘Mad Men’ and ‘Silicon Valley’ Scribes Reveal How to Write a Finale

  2. Emmy voting started this week, so be prepared for lots of Mad Men press geared toward a 5th unprecedented best drama award (for a show on cable) and finally getting Jon Hamm his due for a best actor award.

    Matt Weiner’s most recent interview in Rolling Stone “There is no show without him [Jon Hamm]…”

  3. I got a big kick out of the embedded video of Don meets Connie makes Old Fashioned in that article about Don Draper, Carrie Bradshaw and their influence on cocktail culture (never mind “the Dude” and his nasty “white russians”). The James Bond montage confirms the old-school notion that a “Martini” with vodka requires the “vodka” modifier.

    This article set the stage for me and my current preference for a well-made classic cocktail:

    The Cocktail Renaissance

    However, it wasn’t until Don Draper and his Old Fashioned’s, that I graduated from “something brown” with a beer chaser to Martini’s, Sour’s, Manhattan’s and the Cosmopolitan.

    I was mostly finished with Bradshaw and her friends by the time I sought out Rye and bitters and can’t remember how I got around to making their favorite drink – but I must consider that they had something to do with the fact that I now make “dirty” Cosmo’s with homemade cranberry juice (unfiltered – thus dirty).

    It was interesting to watch Hamm make those Old Fashioned’s – with a well-calibrated two-drink free pour with Old Overholt (which when drunk neat tastes as though it has a touch of Angostura Bitters), a splash of soda, and a practical finger-as-strainer.

    Of course, it was a sheer pleasure to hear (three times) Weiner’s expert dialog rendered by expert acting.

  4. It has come to this…Jon Cryer, who has won two Emmys for his “Two-and-a-half Men” sitcom, has started a Twitter campaign to convince Emmy voters to vote for Jon Hamm. There are only four more days to vote.

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